The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In the first episode we chat with Olympic backstroker Ashley Delaney. He reveals:

How he got started in swimming by accident
The one thing he changed in his diet to drop two kilos in weight and start swimming faster times in training
Small things he focuses on each lap that made him one of the best underwater kickers Australia has ever seen
One change that you can make in a race to conserve your energy and have more speed and power at the end of every race

Ash and I lived together for a year when he was in his final year at high school. He then moved to the Australian Institute of Sport to train and has now moved back to Melbourne, Victoria. Ash has won medals the the Olympics and World Championships in backstroke.

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Trent Grimsey is an open water swimmer, he is an Australian team member and most notably he has recently broken the English Channel world record. He went 6 hours 55 minutes, breaking the old record by 2 minutes and 50 seconds. We chat to Trent about the Channel swim but also his training, technique and how he avoids injury doing so many km’s in the pool.

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On this episode of Effortless Swimming podcast, I have Koe Davidson who is a swimmer with me at PowerPoints and he is also a chiropractor. I have been seeing Koe for the last couple of weeks about a sore back, but going in to get that treated I have had a lot more come out of it than just that. I felt better in the pool, I have more power and I have felt a whole lot better just generally from getting treated twice a week.

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Russell Smith is the current age group triathlon world champion in Olympic distance & Asia Pacific age group champion in Ironman.  He has been using the Effortless Swimming Workouts as part of his training program.  In this podcast, he will talk about how he is using the Effortless Swimming Workouts to succeed in triathlon.

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Steph Lowe is a Nutritionist, a tri-athlete training for the Hawaiian Half Ironman, she is about to complete her master’s degree in nutrition and she specialises in sports nutrition using natural food and ingredients. In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, Steph will talk about high performance nutrition for swimmers.

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Jeff Booher is a triathlon coach who specialises in custom designed training programs. He works with all levels of triathletes from age groupers to professionals. He also leads a coaching team of 15 Tridot certified coaches who work with hundreds of athletes all over the world.

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Bobby McGee has 31 years of coaching experience. He started intensely coaching triathletes in 2002. He has coached the Olympic champion in Atlanta in a marathon. He also coached some age group race walkers, some amateur race walkers to world titles and then the last decade has been full on with the triathletes.

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We’re back for round two for the second podcast with my favourite nutritionist, Steph Lowe of

Today we’re talking about the two big misconceptions about food. I’ve made some changes to what I eat lately based on misinformation I learnt when I was in school. Let’s get into it.

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John Konrads holds 26 individual world records and won the 1500 m freestyle in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. He now coaches up in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. One of his mantras is “swim easy”.

In this podcast episode I will talk to John and see how we can prove how swimming can be “effortless” and easy”.

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