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We chat with Terry Laughlin from Total Immersion. Terry  has developed a method of improving your swimming that has helped hundreds of thousands of swimmers and triathletes worldwide to swim smoother. He’s an expert at helping people fix the weaknesses in their stroke so they can move naturally through the water with grace and ease. In our chat with Terry he talks about:

  • How he improved the speed of swimmers in the ‘slow lane’ to being much closer to that of the ‘fast lane’ swimmers
  • Using the feel of the water to increase your speed rather than thinking technically about the stroke
  • The one thing you should focus on with your head position for more relaxed swimming
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We take a look into the world of marathon swimming. What motivates distance swimmers to do the huge miles week in week out? How do they prepare for big races? We talk with the 45km Manhattan Island swim world record holder, Oliver Wilkinson about:

  • Training for distance events and the number of kilometers he does weekly leading up to a big race
  • What he eats the night before to ‘carb load’ and how he refuels during a race
  • Finding the right stroke rhythm quickly
  • Which aspects of his technique he focuses on in training
  • How hard he works his kick in long distance swims
  • Dealing with the mental challenges in cold water and endurance races
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In this episode we look inside the mindset and training regime of top level sprinters.

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Our first US guest is a current world record holder and backstroke champion. Peter Marshall reveals how he broke three world records in backstroke. Like a lot of age group swimmers, Peter started out doing lots of miles in the pool. He was a distance swimmer in his early years but converted to a sprinter after making some changes to his training. In the podcast he chats about what changed in his program and how his gym workouts shifted focus. We cover race routines, psychology and developing power in the water.

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Wowza, what an episode! We managed to pry former world record holder and Olympic champion Michael Klim away from his busy schedule for an insight into his comeback. After a number of years out of the pool Michael decided to pull on the speedo’s for another crack at the Olympics, training for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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As you train more often you realise that injuries are common if you don’t do something to prevent them. Sports physio Justin McEvoy has been away with the Australian swim team treating elite swimmers such as Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Michael Phelps, Roland Schoeman plus dozens of other high profile athletes.

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Being the second female and second Australian to complete a double crossing of the English Channel, Chloe McCardel is one of Australia’s best marathon swimmers. She’s won the prestigious 46km Manhattan Island race and is now gearing up for a triple-crossing of the English Channel.

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Months of hard work go towards one big race. Long hours in the pool, thousands of kilometers and tens of thousands of arm strokes…all for a few minutes of racing.

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Sam Sheppard is one of Australia’s best open water competitors. Whether it’s 1km or 10km, Sam is a fierce racer and a smart swimmer.

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When it comes down it, sport is more than just a physical battle. Five minutes of speaking with performance consultant Wayne Goldsmith and you get a sense of just how important the mental side of it is.

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