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We welcome back Wayne Goldsmith who has been our guest in the previous podcasts. He is one of the most passionate sports performance expert all over Australia, New Zeland, and the world. Join us as we discuss Change, Commitment, and Motivation in the world of coaching.

01:40 - There is no such thing.
03:58 The Role of Parents.
04:26 The Power of Commitment to Excellence
10:51 What we have to change from a Coaching Perspective to Sustain the Sport
17:20 What should Coaches do to help make that Change
25:56 The Difference Between Training and Great Coaching
34:40 Understanding Motivation

To find out more about Wayne Goldsmith please visit:

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I've known Grant through mutual friends for a quite a while. He is a Triathlon coach and to me, he is one of the best coaches that teaches and coaches a lot base on Mindset, Intuitiveness, and Beliefs. In the podcast, we talked about a lot of different topics from How to Change your Structured Beliefs, the methods and the questions that he asks his athletes in order to get them to change their beliefs. We also tackled overplanning races and how many people are too guarded and protective with the races that they do and following that plan to a tee can sometimes work against them as opposed for them. We talked about mindfulness and how you are better off focusing on the process in order to get in to flow.

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Our guest today is Gary Hurring who has been featured on our Podcast episode # 90 which is one of our most listened to episode that we have ever done. Gary is a former Olympic swimmer and coach from New Zealand and I really like his approach to swimming and to coaching and the way he goes about it. I really learned a lot from the episode that we did together. If you haven't listened to it yet, go back to episode #90 and it is called "How to Change your Technique from an Olympic Coaches Perspective". In today's [odcast, we will be discussing how even the smallest changes that we do in training can provide big results.

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Join us and let's welcome back Lisandra de Carvalho as we talk about how to train for 10km+ swims. Lisandra has been swimming the Rottnest channel on numerous occasions. She has been my training partner these past few months in preparing for the Rottnest Swim this month. Listen as we talk about the things that are essential in preparing for 10km+ swims.

02:59 Change of Perspective in Training
04:11 Voluntary Graduated Exposure
6:06 The Importance of having a Training Partner
16:23 The Benefits of Massage every after session
21:30 Smaller Races before the Big one
23:01 The Best Race and the Worst Race at the same time
24:47 The Up and Down Week
27:17 The Negative Head Space
30:59 Feeding While Swimming
34:17 Test Sets
43:55 Support Team
50:20 Don't Forget to Have Fun

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There are times when we get confused on what to prioritize. In today's podcast, we talk about how it is beneficial to prioritize the bigger things first such as technique, focus, and mindset. Moreover, giving time also for smaller rocks such as strength training, diet, and mobility.

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Swimming can be compared to driving a car. In today's podcast, we share with you about going from manual mode to automatic. When training, we like our swimmers to be in the manual mode where they really need to focus so that they can coordinate these little elements together.If you can practice that in training, you come to a point where it starts to become more automatic and you almost completely switch off from thinking about your stroke. You can just go in the race mode and any technical focus has been made automatic and it has become a habit because you have practiced that in training.

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One of the analogies we like to use in swimming is the laser vs the lantern approach. Which approach should you use? Listen as we talk about the importance of having a laser approach in your training.

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In this podcast we share to you why generalized coaching style doesn't work for most swimmers.

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