The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Our guest in today's podcast is James Fletcher who has a background in Physiology. He has recently moved into Breath Training for athletes. He has worked with elite level swimmers such as Cameron McEvoy and James Roberts who both have been in the Australian Olympic Team. We talked about his specialization which is a very scientific and measured approach to enhancing your ability to breath.

On this episode we discuss:

02:01 James Fletcher's background and Cirque du Soleil.
05:00 Breath Training
7:05 Differences in Breath Training between a 50-meter sprinter and a 10k swimmer.
13:21 The Foundation of Fletcher Method.
19:41 Frequency of the Breath Training Programs
21:23 Difference from other Breath Holding Method.
24:54 Pre-Race warm up for Inspiratory Muscles.


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