The Effortless Swimming Podcast

We are joined today by Vicky Tate who has recently swam the 40 kilometr crossing of Lake. Earlier this year she made a crossing and she is one of less than a hundred swimmers who have completed the crossing. She came along to Hell Week last year, our Hell Week camp in Thailand and this was something that prepared for the swim. Join us we talk about her experience.

00:30 From Not Being Able to Swim a "K" to a 40 km Straight Swim
02:01 The Only Thing That Is Going To Stop You Is You.
04:58 Techniques Taken From Hellweek.
07:57 How Was It Like Mentally?
09:09 Swim Pacing In Lake Taupo
10:30 Motivation During The Swim
12:33 "Don't Look Forward and Don't Look Back"
13:36 Singing Songs And Counting Your Strokes
19:50 Feed During The Swim
22:08 Lake Taupo
27:28 Our Mind Can Get Accustomed Quickly
34:37 The Help Of The Community

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