The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Marc Evans joins us in this episode to talk about the possible things you can do at your home during these times. In this episode, Marc discussed maintaining the feel of the water, the importance of mobility, stability, and flexibility.

00:38 Triathletes In Motion
02:40 It's Not The Strongest Athlete That Wins The Gold Medals
06:19 Functional Strength
06:58 Most Of The Triathletes Underswim In Volume
08:01 Having A High Elbow Catch
08:40 Sculling Your Hands In A Tub Of Water
10:10 Mobility Test
11:30 Technique Is Related To Mobility And Stability
12:43 Put Your Heart Monitors And GPS Aside
17:24 Using Therabands
18:55 If You Can Get It Right Out Of The Water, You Can Get It Right In The Water
19:18 Fingertip Wall Slide
22:42 Q Swim App
23:09 Swimm Specific Yoga
23:48 Cold Showers

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