The Effortless Swimming Podcast

My guest today is Bevan Mckinnon. He is a coach at Fitter Coaching and he hosts a podcast called Fitter Radio. Bevan coaches multiple pro triathletes who have won several Ironman and 70.3 Distance Events. He has also won the Age Group World Championships in Kona and other long course events. In this episode, we are talking about some of the lessons that he has learned over the last several years of coaching and how they might apply to triathletes and swimmers who are looking to get better at swimming.

8:41 Environment And Coaching
9:57 Being An Objective Coach
11:27 Coaching Pros and Age Groupers. Is There A Difference?
12:47 Art of Coaching And The Science of Coaching
14:56 Teaching Teachers How To Teach
18:21 Giving The Athletes The Power To Decide
27:52 Swim Chute
33:40 Increasing Stroke Rate
Finding The Right Resource

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