The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In this episode, I am chatting with Phil Rush, who has the fastest double and triple crossing of the English Channel. In this episode, we chat about a number of things including how can you get better at adapting to the cold, the type of training that you need to be doing if you are looking to do a marathon swimming, what are the important factors when you are thinking of the training that you are doing. Is it the distance that you are doing? Is it the speed? Feeding? What are some aspects of the training? If you are into open-water swimming, cold water swimming, or looking to increase the distance that you are doing, then this a podcast for you.

03:21 Successful Crossing Despite The Pandemic
4:13 Everybody's Body Reacts Differently In The Cold
05:27 Strategies If You Find Someone Getting Cold
10:31 No Filter, No BS
15:50 Getting Into The Right Mindset
19:01 Controlling Your Mind
28:35 Cold Water Adaptation
31:52 What Is The Best Way To Train For An Openwater Swim?

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