The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Join us on this podcast episode as we sit down with Brian Johns from Form Goggles. Brian discusses the exciting new features of Form Goggles and how they can help swimmers improve their technique. From measuring efficiency to providing real-time feedback on head and breathing position, these goggles are a game-changer for swimmers of all levels. Tune in now!

01:03 Exploring Form Score: A Universal Measure of Swimming Efficiency
09:10 Head Coach Skills: 5 Key Areas to Help Improve Efficiency
09:35 #1 Peak Head Roll
16:59 #2 Head Pitch
18:45 Finding the Sweet Spot: Head and Breathing Position
20:14 The Similarities in Technique Cues for Swimmers of Different Ages and Levels
23:21 #3 Interval Pacing
24:30 #4 Set Pacing
27:45 #5 Breathing Time To Neutral
31:39 Exciting Future Developments for Form Goggles
34:11 Downloading Workouts to Form Goggles for Easy Access

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