The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In this podcast episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Leigh Nugent, one of the world's top technical coaches. With his extensive experience as the National Youth Coach for Swimming Australia and former Head Coach, Lee shares valuable insights on improving freestyle technique. He also discusses the champion mindset and shares stories of swimmers who have overcome injuries and achieved great success. Whether you're a swimmer, coach, or simply interested in the sport, this episode is packed with tips and stories that will engage and motivate you.

02:10 Achieving Success in the Olympics: Lee Nugent's Coaching Journey
08:21 Coaching Beyond Performance and Creating a Welcoming Environment
10:58 The Challenges of Coaching Talented but Uncommitted Swimmers
12:44 The Impact of Swimming on Personal Growth
14:13 Leigh's insight from the 2012 Olympics
16:24 The Best Olympics for Coaches and Athletes: Tokyo 2020
19:24 The Unbreakable Mindset of Elite Swimmers
22:31 Stories of Swimmers Pushing Their Limits
23:34 Key Elements of Great Freestyle Technique
34:32 Maintaining Front Quadrant in Increasing Stroke Rate
39:10 Lessons and Realizations from 10–20 Years of Swimming
42:03 Developing the Next Generation of Athletes

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