The Effortless Swimming Podcast

In this episode, we welcome back Dr Jim Taylor, a renowned psychologist specializing in sports and performance. Dr Taylor shares his insights and strategies from his recent experience at the World Championships in Spain. We discuss topics such as adjusting intensity based on race distance, effective focus and mindset for training and racing, and the importance of being brutally honest with oneself for improvement. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Dr Jim Taylor.

03:34 Balancing Athletic and Professional Life
04:50 The Range of Physical Intensity in Swimming and its Impact on Performance
08:27 Finding the Balance Between Relaxation and Intensity
15:13 How to Clear Your Mind for Better Performance and What Happens When You Overthink in Races
18:14 Focusing on Higher Cadence and Intensity in Training
20:17 Progressing through Different Levels of Swimming
22:11 Developing a Mindset Plan for Racing
25:49 Tapping into Physical Fuel with the Mind
27:45 Practicing Mental Imagery for Race Preparation
29:20 Applying a Reality Check to Race Results and Performance Evaluation
31:46 The Value of Testing and Assessing Performance
36:44Having a Coach Analyze Data and Provide Insights
38:23 How to Get in Contact with Dr Jim Taylor

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