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In today's episode, we catch up with professional triathlete Amelia Watkinson, who has achieved remarkable success in her career. With over 17 wins and numerous podium finishes, Amelia shares her secrets to consistency and staying at the top of her game. We dive into her favorite swim training sessions, and the best advice she's received from her coach, and explore various topics related to training, racing, and the mental aspect of being an athlete. Amelia also opens up about overcoming challenges, managing pressure, and finding perspective in the sport. Whether you're a swimmer or a triathlete, this episode is packed with valuable insights that can elevate your training, regardless of your skill level. So join us as we uncover what it takes to compete at the top level and apply those lessons to your own athletic journey.

00:00 Introduction
01:36 Limited Spots Left! Don't Miss Out on Our 2024 Swim Camps
02:37 Taking Control of Your Time: How Blocking Out Dates Led to Personal Growth
04:10 Taking Regular Training Breaks Can Help Prevent Burnout and Improve Performance
05:55 Swimming Background and Improvement
08:22 The Benefits of Training in a Squad Environment
11:29 Finishing Strong and Overcoming Challenges
15:08 Words of Wisdom from Coaches and Mentors
16:03 Tips for Managing Time Differences and Stress while Traveling for Racing
17:27 Helping Age Groupers and Amateur Triathletes Feel More Comfortable
19:17 Lessons Learned and Evolving as an Athlete
20:43 Prioritizing Training Over Screen Time
24:15 Training Solo vs. Training with Others
24:46 Standout Races and Moments in the Last 10 Years
27:24 Managing Pressure: A Privilege and a Challenge
30:47 Upcoming Races and Goals

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