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Join us on this episode as we sit down with Tracey Baumann, the co-founder of SwimMastery and author of 'The Swim Mastery Way'. With over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience, Tracy has worked with swimmers of all levels, from beginners to English Channel swimmers. In this podcast, Tracey shares her expert insights and cues from her book, offering valuable tips to help you become a faster and more efficient swimmer.

00:15 Introduction and Background
04:01 Breath Management and Overcoming Fear
exchange and calmness
09:18 Teaching Swimmers to Breathe Using Their Diaphragm: Challenges and Solutions
12:18 How Often Should You Breathe?
18:20 The Role of Bones and Joints in Achieving Proper Body Position
21:58 Exploring the Relationship Between Hip Flexors and Body Position in Water
26:04 Teaching Effective Kicking Techniques
28:00 Over-Rotation and Losing Position: Common 33:35 The Trident Analogy
35:16 Shoulders and Scapula Mechanics in Swimming: Debunking Common Misconceptions
38:33 Tapping into Natural Joint Mechanics for a Better Catch
42:44 Developing a Sensory Connection to the Water
47:11 The Power of Tactile Feedback in Swim Coaching
48:56 The Physics Behind a Correct Arm Recovery
55:00 Get in touch with Tracey! 

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Felipe Telles broke the magical 60-minute barrier in his first ever Ironman swim, coming in at 56 minutes with an average of 1:28/100m. When he first started swimming a few years ago, Felipe struggled to go faster than 2:00/100m. So how did he manage to increase his speed by that much? Find out in today’s podcast episode.

00:56 Swimming Background
03:34 The Impact of Learning the Right Technique
07:09 How Relaxation Transforms Your Swim
09:50 The Benefits of Incorporating Drills in Swim Workouts
13:18 Structured Sessions: Warm-ups, Technique, and Intense Training
16:46 Finding the Balance: Consistency vs. Pushing Too Hard in Training
20:35 How to Get the Most Out of Your Swim Training
24:23 How Observing Others Can Improve Your Technique
31:20 Catch and Pull: Finding the Right Amount of Power
37:23 Swimming Tips for Triathletes: Small Changes, Big Results
41:24 Follow Felipe on Instagram for Inspiring Content

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In this episode, Quest Meeks shares his inspiring journey of transforming from a non-swimmer to comfortably swimming over 1000 yards without stopping. He opens up about the mental and physical obstacles he had to overcome along the way.  Join us as we dive into this episode!

01:02 Swimming Background
9:00 Doing Half Ironman
09:30 I Gotta Start With Something
16:52 But Swimming
25:53 Signing Up For The Stroke Analysis
35:53 Kicking Hard
44:18 Climbing Up A Mountain
47:10 It's Not Comfortable But I Am Not Dying

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In this episode, we have Carl Reader, a functional movement coach with a background in exercise physiology and Pilates. We will discuss the connection between hamstring strength, mobility, and how it can improve swimming performance. Carl has extensive experience working with swimmers to improve their movement and strength training. Join us as we delve into his research and practices in today's episode.

00:00 Introduction
00:59 Techniques and Tips from a Functional Movement Coach
01:59 The Role of Hamstrings in Maintaining Speed and Efficiency in Swimming
05:21 Exploring the Relationship Between Hamstrings and Calf Muscles
08:14 Factors Affecting Hamstring Strength
11:20 Strengthening Techniques for Better Posture and Muscle Activation
13:39 Squats: One of the Best Ways to Strengthen the Hamstring
17:43 Signs to Look Out for: Indicators of Hamstring Issues
21:08 Core Engagement in Squats: Finding Balance

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