The Effortless Swimming Podcast (general)

In this episode, Quest Meeks shares his inspiring journey of transforming from a non-swimmer to comfortably swimming over 1000 yards without stopping. He opens up about the mental and physical obstacles he had to overcome along the way.  Join us as we dive into this episode!

01:02 Swimming Background
9:00 Doing Half Ironman
09:30 I Gotta Start With Something
16:52 But Swimming
25:53 Signing Up For The Stroke Analysis
35:53 Kicking Hard
44:18 Climbing Up A Mountain
47:10 It's Not Comfortable But I Am Not Dying

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In this episode, we have Carl Reader, a functional movement coach with a background in exercise physiology and Pilates. We will discuss the connection between hamstring strength, mobility, and how it can improve swimming performance. Carl has extensive experience working with swimmers to improve their movement and strength training. Join us as we delve into his research and practices in today's episode.

00:00 Introduction
00:59 Techniques and Tips from a Functional Movement Coach
01:59 The Role of Hamstrings in Maintaining Speed and Efficiency in Swimming
05:21 Exploring the Relationship Between Hamstrings and Calf Muscles
08:14 Factors Affecting Hamstring Strength
11:20 Strengthening Techniques for Better Posture and Muscle Activation
13:39 Squats: One of the Best Ways to Strengthen the Hamstring
17:43 Signs to Look Out for: Indicators of Hamstring Issues
21:08 Core Engagement in Squats: Finding Balance

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Prescott Balch is an ironman triathlete who started at 2:10/100m, and is now able to consistently swim under 1:30/100m. He recently broke through a plateau in his swim times by focusing on one change to his swim technique. In this podcast we delve into what change Prescott made and some unique approaches he took to fixing these areas of his stroke. 

00:00 Introduction
01:09 Overcoming Plateaus and Finding Speed
05:27  Weak Core, Weak Performance
12:02 Body Awareness Challenges for Adult Onset Swimmers
16:35 How Dead Hangs and Handstands Improve Upper Body Strength
21:14 Executing a Well-Planned Race: Negative Splits and Smooth Pacing
30:45 How a Good Swim Sets the Tone for the Rest of the Race
34:57 What's next for Prescott?
38:27 Exploring the Concept of "Swimming Downhill"

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In today's episode, we will talk about the BEST WAYS to look good when swimming.

02:00 The Base Position
03:35 Have The Right Amount Of Rotation
04:48 Keep The Kick Fairly Narrow
05:53 Good Recovery
09:05 Soft Hands
10:20 Good Looking Freestyle Is Never Hurried Or Rushed
11:41 Slow To Fast
12:06 Skinny S Shape
12:31 The Breathing
14:00 The Kick
14:41 Style Is Important
15:36 Visualize Yourself Swimming Like A Pro

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In this episode, we discuss three ways to generate more propulsion without getting tired, along with a drill that will help you practice each of these methods.

00:16 Generating propulsion
01:31 The Size of the Paddle
03:44 The Power Phase of the Stroke
08:31 Accelerate through the Stroke.
11:01 Keyhole Drill
12:58 Building Power and Speed in Your Stroke

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In this episode, we have a special guest, marathon swimmer Andy Donaldson, who is a three-time world record holder. Andy shares his insights on freestyle technique and how he is able to maintain an impressive pace of 1:12 per 100m for 4 hours. This episode focuses solely on technique, as we delve into Andy's thought process and approach to his stroke. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Background
2:31 Where is your head position?
2:58 How often are you breathing?
4:30 How do you use your kick?
5:23 What does your recovery look like?
8:09 What is the end of your stroke like?
9:07 What is your rotation like?
9:47 How did you develop your catch?
11:13 How much power are you putting into each stroke?
11:54 What do you do to increase your swim speed?
13:11 How do you like to train?
14:20 What pace are you aiming for?
14:49 What stroke rate are you aiming for?

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In March of 2024, Dean Summers set out to break the record for Australia’s longest ever unassisted swim. Leaving from Newcastle’s Nobbys beach and planning to land at Palm Beach, Sydney for a total of 95.6km. Battling blue bottle jellyfish, hallucinations and less than perfect conditions, Dean had a challenge ahead of him. The swim had been unsuccessfully attempted by two other swimmers in the 1980’s and 90’s, including well known Australian swimmer Des Renford whose shark cage sunk off the coast after treacherous conditions. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of an expedition into waters that have never been swam in.

00:00 Introduction
03:52 The Origin of the Newcastle to Sydney Swim
08:44 Building the Dream Team: Finding the Right Support
11:59 The Commitment and Preparation for a Long Swim
14:08 Navigating 07Whirlpools and Tides
16:45 Feeding Strategy : Carbohydrates and Protein
20:11 The Constant Sting: Battling Bluebottles in the Ocean
23:15 Bioluminescence and the Milky Way
29:44 The Final Stretch: Locking in on the Goal and Reaching the Beach
34:35 Post-Swim Reflections: Burnt and Hungry
38:44 Lessons Learned from a Grueling Swim
44:15 The Connection Between Family and the Love of Water
50:30 What's next?

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Dan Eisenhardt, CEO and Founder of FORM Swim, shares his journey of creating the world's first augmented reality swim goggles. Discover how real-time data can enhance your training sessions, the most useful features of the goggles, and the challenges faced during development. If you're looking to forge your own path in your professional life, Dan also provides valuable insights on getting started and three essential considerations for starting a business. Tune in to this episode for all this and more.

02:05 The Light Bulb Moment
04:49 The Evolution of Technology in Swimming Goggles
06:23 Testing the Prototype
07:52 The Complications of Delivering Low Latency Heart Rate Sensing in Water
12:47 The Indispensable Tool for Swimmers
13:56 Taking Areas of Interest and Experience to Create Something Different
16:13 Serendipity and the Right Place, Right Time
20:17 The Importance of Learning from Competitors
24:13 Acting with Conviction: Getting Things Done
29:00 Favourite Features in Form goggles
32:44 The Value of Premium Offerings
38:36 The Three Key Factors in Business Success
43:02 Form Goggles: A Game-Changer for Low-Tech Swimmers

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In today's episode, I'll be sharing some of the mistakes I made in coaching and the valuable lessons I learned along the way. I believe these lessons can help you avoid similar pitfalls and succeed in your coaching journey. Additionally, I'm excited to announce the launch of our new course, the Freestyle Coaching Masterclass. Be sure to tune in!

00:30 Coaching Masterclass
04:02 Be Firm And Not Their Friend
06:52 Setting Minimum Standards
10:37 Energy is Transferred
13:28 Being Memorable
15:53 4 Hours Workweek : Mexican Fisherman and the Banker

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In this episode, we sit down with Jarrod Briffa, an Australian freediving athlete, instructor, and online coach trained in the Oxygen Advantage. Jarrod's expertise lies in the power of breath and how it can enhance performance, reduce stress, and aid in recovery. As the founder of Drifters Freediving, he offers courses and private coaching to help individuals improve their breathing techniques. He has been the Australian Men's Champion at The Pool Freediving National Championships and has represented Australia in pool freediving at international competitions. Join us as we explore the importance of proper breathing in sports and everyday life.

00:00 Introduction
02:37 The Importance of CO2 Tolerance in Breathing
04:57 Understanding CO2 Tolerance and Breathing Patterns
08:12 Assessments and Exercises for CO2 Tolerance
9:52 Diaphragmatic Awareness for Swimmers: Techniques and Benefits
16:57 Building CO2 Tolerance
20:28 Benefits of Nasal Breathing for Swimmers
23:00 The Science of Breath Holding: Understanding Your Body's Responses and Limits
30:15 Breathing Easy in the Water: Effective Exercises and Techniques for Swimmers
38:40 Mental Strategies for Increasing Breath Length
39:43 Race Day Breathing Strategies for Swimmers
42:29 The Relationship Between CO2 Tolerance and Lactic Tolerance
47:37 The Impact of Proper Breathing on Recovery and Performance
51:09 Get In Touch with Jarod for Coaching!

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In this episode, I'll share ten ways to increase your swim speed and become a better swimmer. So, let's dive in and explore these effective strategies.

00:29 Train Another Stroke
01:50 Change The Way That You're Training
03:04 Being Diligent With Your Skills
05:06 To Become Supple
05:53 Joining a Squad Or a Group of Swimmers
09:08 Occasionally, Don't Track Anything
10:40 Keeping Calm Under Pressure
12:58 Commit To A Swim Block
14:03 Pick One Thing And Stick To It For Three Months
15:50 Get Professional Help

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Hollie Buerckner, an osteopath and swimmer, shares tips on preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries in a podcast episode. She suggests specific exercises to address shoulder issues and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between strength and mobility. Tune in to learn more.

00:00 Introduction
02:38 Understanding Shoulder Injuries in Swimmers
03:25 Four Causes of Shoulder Pain in Swimmers
05:13 Relationship Between Shoulder Pain and Range of Motion
09:51 Effective Shoulder Exercises for Swimmers
14:36 Common Mistakes Leading to Shoulder Pain in Swimmers
18:02 YTA Exercise for Scapular Strength
20:06 High Intensity vs. High Volume Training
22;34 Importance of Addressing Shoulder Pain Early
24:32 Balancing Mobility and Strength Training for Busy Athletes
27:42 The Stubbornness of Swimmers in Dealing with Pain
29:44 Motivation to Take Care of the Body
35:11 Get in touch with Hollie!

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In this podcast episode, we hear from Jay Mueller, an emergency doctor who started swimming 16 months ago after injuries led him to take up the sport, as he could no longer run or ride. When Jay first started, he was averaging 2:15-2:30/100m and finding he was exhausted after a few hundred meters. Fast forward to today, where he is consistently swimming between 1:20-1:30 in training, with a personal best of 1:06 in the 100m freestyle. Tune in to learn about his transformation and the lessons he has learned along the way.

00:00 Introduction and Background
4:21 Initial Pace and Improvement
7:21 From Fast Swims to Sustainable Laps
9:38 The Science Behind Shoulder Pain Relief through Static Hangs
15:27 Improving Rotation and Reach
18:22 Strategies for Maintaining Buoyancy and Momentum in the Water
23:15 The Challenges of Learning a New Skill
28:28 Importance of Body Awareness in Swimming Technique
34:09 Drills for Technique Improvement
37:47 Impressive Swimming Progress in a Short Time
38:34 Being Patient and Kind to Yourself

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In today's episode, we dive into a conversation with Frank Sole, the author of 'The Five "B" Method to a Successful Triathlon Swim.' We discuss Frank's evolution as a coach since writing the book, his key lessons for new athletes, and the importance of terminology in training and team dynamics. Frank also shares insights on leveraging breathing techniques for improved performance in the water, drawing from his training with a world-renowned expert. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
02:01 Challenges and Rewards of Coaching Retired Athletes
05:47 Elevating Your Swimming Sessions
09:59 Empowering Athletes Through Coaching: Building Trust and Value
16:04 The Science and Art of Mental Strength in Sports
20:21 Overcoming Setbacks and Staying Committed to Swim Training
22:21 The Power of Developing Good Habits
25:42 Breath Control and Body Position
30:33 Breath Work for Athletes: Building Lung Capacity and Endurance
36:47 Back to Basics: The Fundamental Role of Breathing in Coaching
43:09 Enhancing Swimming Skills through Play and Exploration
46:46 Swimming Without a Watch: Embracing the Feel of the Water
51:12 Embracing the Suck and Enjoying the Journey
55:40 Finding Creative Ways to Convey Instructions to Athletes
57:47 Celebrating Progress: Recognizing Improvements in Swimming
1: 01:11 Lessons Learned from Coaching Older Athletes
1:02:47 Get in touch with Frank Sole!

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Join us in today's episode as we interview one of the best open water swimmers in the world, Sharon van Rouwendaal. We will delve into her recent double win at the world championships, her intense training regimen, and the mental fortitude that drives her success. She will be sharing insights on her transition from pool to open water swimming, managing injuries, and the importance of technique and kick in her training. Uncover Sharon's unwavering commitment to greatness, and her relentless pursuit of improvement. Tune in now!

01:41 The Double Win
05:56 The 110 Kilometer Week
08:23 Building Mental Toughness and Confidence
11:16 Training Environment and Culture
14:10 Understanding Open Water Racing
16:35 Transitioning from Pool to Open Water
18:35 Overcoming Shoulder Injury
22:11 Mastering the 6-beat kick
24:54 Learning from a New Coach
26:04 Coaching Others and Sharing Knowledge
30:46 Effective Communication in Coaching: Simplifying Techniques
32:56 5 Different Levels of Speed and Heart Rate Zones
37:34 Challenging Sets and Progression in Swim Training
41:10 Analyzing Training Sets and Building Confidence
44:05 Managing Training Load and Sleep
49:07 Challenges of Transitioning from Running to Swimming
50:34 Exploring Hobbies Beyond Sports
52:52 What's next for Sharon?

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James ‘Iron Cowboy’ Lawrence is best known for his world record attempts at completing multiple Ironman events over consecutive days. Firstly, in 2015, he successfully completed 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 US states. Then in 2021, he decided to double this and complete 100 Ironmans in 100 days, going on to do this and one more to finish 101. The documentary on this challenge is coming out in March 2024. James is also a public speaker who was given the gift to 'suffer' and now helps provide hope to others and teach mental toughness through voluntary suffering. This episode is not to be missed.

00:00 Introduction
03:21 The Good, the Bad, and the Funny Moments
10:19 Lessons Learned in 50 Ironmans and Conquer 100
14:20 Pushing Limits and Ignoring Pain
15:52 Building Mental Toughness and Resilience
19:13 Mindfulness: Cultivating Inner Peace Amidst Distractions
21:15 How Disconnecting Can Improve Your Mental Health
23:22 Finding Mental Clarity Through Physical Activity
26:25 The Impact of Community and Shared Experiences
34:43 Embracing Difficulties: The Path to Growth and Wisdom
38:22 The Power of Physical Activity and Discomfort
39:48 The Motivation Behind the 50 and 100 Challenges
44:25 The Importance of Hope and Giving Back
47:07 Living Unapologetically and Without Fear of Judgment
50:16 Prioritizing Family Over Others' Opinions
51:55 What's next for James?

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In today's podcast episode, professional triathlete and coach Mitch Kibby shares his journey from having little swimming background as a child to becoming a front pack swimmer in the pro field. He is the head coach and founder of i4 Coaching and has worked with Effortless Swimming at our clinics and camps. Mitch discusses his strategies for improving swimming performance and offers valuable insights and tips for swimmers and triathletes looking to improve their skills. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
02:39 Swimming Background
07:51 Long Journey to Success
11:01 Lessons Learned from Early Days of Training
16:55 Refining Coaching Cues
17:51 Tips from Elite Triathletes
23:36 Front End Speed Training
27:55 The Power of Training in Challenging Environments
29:22 Shorter Sets, Greater Gains
34:12 Improving Performance through Specific Training
36:15 The Value of Training Partners and Squad Training
39:12 The Hardest and Best Things About Being a Pro Triathlete
42:23 The Benefits of a Flexible Lifestyle
44:00 Transforming Negative Self-Talk into Positive Motivation
49:04 Maintaining Emotional Stability and Setting Realistic Goals
52:06 What's next for Mitch Kibby?

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In today's episode, triathlon coach and author Joe Friel returns to discuss swimming and open water techniques, as well as his latest edition of The Triathlete's Training Bible. Joe addresses common challenges triathletes face when transitioning from pool to open water. He emphasizes the importance of patience in making lasting improvements and offers tips for pool training to enhance open water swimming skills. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Previous Episode Recap
2:56 Updates in the Book
4:42 Different Methods for Establishing Intensity Zones
8:49 The Role of Rest and Recovery in Athletic Performance
12:54 Debunking Swimming Myths: The Death Move That Kills Your Progress
16:05 The First Step to a Strong Catch
17:51 Reaching Over the Water in Open Water Swimming
22:50 How Open Water Swimmers Adapt to Rough Conditions
25:10 Teaching Open Water Swimming: The Three Key Words
26:40 Why Intervals Might Not Be Effective for Triathletes in the Pool
32:27 Importance of Focusing on Technique and Patience
36:18 Hardest Swim Workout Prescribed
40:34 Empowering Triathletes to Stick to Effective Swimming Methods
42:28 Most Memorable Triathlon Race
45:04 Golf as a Hobby and Lessons Learned
48:12 Problem-solving and Coaching Methodology
50:15 Triathletes Training Bible: A Must-Have Resource for Athletes

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Matthew McElroy is a professional triathlete with 9 World Cup podiums and 1 World Triathlon podium. He was selected as an alternate for the Tokyo Olympics. With a background in cross country and track and field, Matthew had to work hard to develop his swim to get it to an elite level to compete with the best on the world stage. In this podcast, we’ll dive into how he radically transformed his swimming stroke over the last 10 years.

00:00 Introduction
01:56 Swimming Background
05:45 Transitioning from Running to Swimming
11:25 Building Upper Body Strength and Progressing in Triathlon
17:32 Working on Speed and Underwater Techniques
23:49 Balancing Distance per Stroke and Cadence
28:04 Training Strategies for Improving Stroke Rate and Speed
32:33 Explaining Stroke Technique and Focus Areas
34:02 The Importance of Consistency in Swim Training
36:54 Why Video Analysis and Having a Coach Are a Must
41:18 The Power of Mindset: How it Impacts Your Performance
42:52 Overcoming Doubt: Harnessing the Power of Positive Thoughts in Racing
46:16 Superhero Posture: Boosting Confidence in Races
47:42 Situational Awareness in Open Water Swimming:
49:32 Handling Frustration in Open Water Races
51:19 Qualifying for the Paris Olympics

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We have an extraordinary guest, Gerrard Gosens, who is a three-time Paralympian and has an impressive list of accomplishments. From competing in running to representing Australia in triathlon at the Commonwealth Games, Gerrard has proven himself as an exceptional athlete. But his achievements don't stop there. He has climbed Mount Everest, completed a 2000km run from Cairns to Brisbane multiple times, and even appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

However, what makes Gerrard's story truly remarkable is his current endeavor to become the first blind person to swim across the English Channel. In this episode, Gerrard shares his journey, the training involved, and the importance of teamwork in achieving such a groundbreaking goal. Tune in now!

02:01 Training to be the First Blind Person to Cross the English Channel
05:21 Overcoming Limitations in Different Training Environments
06:57 Swimming Long Distances with Guide Swimmers
08:48 Swimming with a Tether: The Experience and Benefits
12:15 Listening to the Depth of the Water
13:23 Meet the Guides Taking on the UK Swim
14:55 From Running to Swimming: Embracing Solitude in Training
18:44 Focusing on the Journey, Not the Time
19:56 Overcoming the Quandaries of Swim Technique
24:07 Finding the Balance: Training and Time Management
25:36 Using Emotional Carbohydrates
31:52 Jellyfish, Sea Lice, and Stingrays: Unexpected Encounters in the Water
36:52 Lessons Learned Through Sport
39:52 198 Days to Gerrard's English Channel Swim

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In today's episode, we have a fascinating story of transformation. Our guest, pro triathlete Will Draper, started his swimming journey with poor technique and average performance. However, through dedication and hard work, he has completely transformed his swimming abilities. From being unrecognizable in his stroke analysis video in 2019 to becoming a pro triathlete in 2021, Will's progress is truly remarkable. Join us as we dive into Will's journey, exploring the strategies and mindset that fueled his transformation. Discover how Will bridged the gap from a non-swimming background to now swimming strongly, only seconds away from the front pack. Tune in now!

02:04 Introduction and Background
03:46 The Key Moment: Choosing Triathlon Over Cycling
05:52 Training Regime and Approach to Swimming
08:29 Benefits of Training in a Squad vs. Training Alone
10:43 Viewing Swimming as an Infinite Game
12:48 Overcoming Mental Barrier
15:52 Diversifying Workouts: Incorporating Longer Intervals for Speed Work
20:44 Lessons Learned from a Challenging Race
24:35 Transformation from Poor Swimmer to Competitive Triathlete
28:02 Swimming Confidence and Appearance
31:27 Advice for Non-Swimmers in Triathlon
37:25 Triathlon Goals: Aiming for the Front Pack
40:50 Importance of Video Analysis and Making Small Changes
42:47 Follow Will Draper on Instagram

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In today's episode, we catch up with professional triathlete Amelia Watkinson, who has achieved remarkable success in her career. With over 17 wins and numerous podium finishes, Amelia shares her secrets to consistency and staying at the top of her game. We dive into her favorite swim training sessions, and the best advice she's received from her coach, and explore various topics related to training, racing, and the mental aspect of being an athlete. Amelia also opens up about overcoming challenges, managing pressure, and finding perspective in the sport. Whether you're a swimmer or a triathlete, this episode is packed with valuable insights that can elevate your training, regardless of your skill level. So join us as we uncover what it takes to compete at the top level and apply those lessons to your own athletic journey.

00:00 Introduction
01:36 Limited Spots Left! Don't Miss Out on Our 2024 Swim Camps
02:37 Taking Control of Your Time: How Blocking Out Dates Led to Personal Growth
04:10 Taking Regular Training Breaks Can Help Prevent Burnout and Improve Performance
05:55 Swimming Background and Improvement
08:22 The Benefits of Training in a Squad Environment
11:29 Finishing Strong and Overcoming Challenges
15:08 Words of Wisdom from Coaches and Mentors
16:03 Tips for Managing Time Differences and Stress while Traveling for Racing
17:27 Helping Age Groupers and Amateur Triathletes Feel More Comfortable
19:17 Lessons Learned and Evolving as an Athlete
20:43 Prioritizing Training Over Screen Time
24:15 Training Solo vs. Training with Others
24:46 Standout Races and Moments in the Last 10 Years
27:24 Managing Pressure: A Privilege and a Challenge
30:47 Upcoming Races and Goals

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Get ready to dive into the world of triathlon with our guest, Clayton Fettell, a former professional triathlete turned full-time coach. With 15 years of racing experience under his belt, Clayton has a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we explore the key lessons he learned at the pro level and how he passes them on to his athletes. Discover the traits and habits that lead to improved speed and technique, and gain insights into Clayton's favorite training sets that he uses to help his athletes excel. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Background
01:09 Highlights from Pro Racing Career
07:07 The Impact of Parenthood on Perspective
09:04 Transitioning from Athlete to Coach
13:28 Challenging the Fastest: A 1K Race in Noosa
14:31 Importance of Technical Focus in Swimming
19:07 Recognizing and Addressing Your Own Swimming Weaknesses
22:48 The Impact of Wetsuits on Swimming Performance
25:40 The Need for Technical Emphasis in Triathlon Swimming
30:14 Why is Video Analysis Important For Swim Improvement?
36:21 Tips for Swimming in Choppy Conditions
42:58 Setting Paces and Gauging Effort
48:18 The Calming Effect of Disconnecting: How Technology-Free Swimming Can Improve Results
54:31 The Unconventional Technique of Olympic Champion Runners
58:51 Get in touch with Clayton!

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Ready to level up your swimming game this year? In this episode, we're letting loose a treasure trove of ideas that will make your swimming better than ever before. Whether you've been swimming for a long time or are just starting out. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Infinite Games in Swimming: Finding Joy in the Process
03:09 The Concept of Play: Incorporating Fun into Swimming
05:06 Investing in Experiences: Rethinking Financial Planning for a Fulfilling Life
10:35 How to Be Honest About Your Strengths and Weaknesses in Training
12:09 The Power of Habits: Transforming Your Life as an Athlete
14:09 Training Solo? Effortless Swimming Membership Has You Covered
16:13 More Exclusive Interviews with Pro Triathletes: Insights and Inspiration

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In this episode, Carl Reader, an expert in exercise physiology and Pilates, discusses exercises that can improve movement patterns for swimmers. He focuses on the modified squat, which enhances mobility and activates the hip flexors, and the sumo squat, which targets inner thigh muscles and aids in knee stabilization. Carl emphasizes the importance of addressing imbalances and discusses the electrical system of the body. Tune in to learn how to enhance your swimming performance through improved movement patterns.

00:00 Introduction and Background
2:11 Modified Squat
4:53 Using Slant Boards and Rolled Mats for Better Squatting and Hip Flexor Activation
6:29 Sumo Squat
8:15 Understanding the Depth of Squats: Finding Comfort and Avoiding Back Strain
12:55 Common Movement Patterns in Swimmers
16:29 The Importance of Addressing Shoulder Imbalances in Swimming
19:49 Barefoot: Exploring the Connection Between Movement and Grounding
23:03 Muscle Warm-Up and Understanding the Body's Electrical System
24:48 Why patience and dedication are important for building strength and mobility
26:01 Get in touch with Carl!

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Join me today as we sit down with Andrew Sheaff, a highly accomplished coach and author of the book "A Constraints-Led Approach to Swim Coaching." In this episode, Andrew shares his expertise on various aspects of swimming, including breathing techniques and innovative methods for improving catch and pull development. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or simply looking to enhance your swimming skills, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking valuable insights and practical tips from a true expert in the field.

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Improving Breath Awareness and Technique for Swimmers of All Levels
04:45 Mixing Up Breathing Patterns in Swim Training
07:25 Breaking Comfort Zones: Exploring the Benefits of Breathing to the Non-Preferred Side
09:03 A Drill to Improve Breathing on Both Sides
12:15 Common Mistakes in Breathing
18:00 Visual Tricks for Improving Breathing
20:20 Developing a Strong and Effective Catch and Pull
26:39 Knowing When to Push and When to Stop in Training
30:36 Don't Skip the Basics: The Significance of Body Position
34:31 Addressing Low Hips and Legs in Swimmers: Key Factors to Consider
36:44 Learn more about Andrew Shaeff and his work

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Have you ever wondered what makes certain podcast episodes stand out, becoming favorites among listeners? Join us as we explore the most impactful episodes from this year on the Effortless Swimming Podcast. From overcoming mental barriers to training secrets of Olympic athletes, each episode has left a lasting impression on our listeners. Reflecting on these conversations, we'll uncover the wisdom and experiences shared by our guests and the valuable life lessons they offer. Gain insights into what made these episodes popular and discover the secrets that set them apart from the rest!

00:32 EP #267: How To Adapt Your Stroke For Triathlons with 70.3 World Champion Tim Reed
05:55 EP #272: Swim Softer To Go Faster with Brant Best
10:37 EP #279: How Swimming Instills Lifelong Discipline with Pro Triathlete Joshua Lewis
17:14 EP #286: What It Takes To Win Olympic Gold And Break Worlds Records with Ryan Murph
25:19 EP #278: Using Stroke Rate, DPS and Consistency To Transform Your Swimming with Brian Johns
30:19 EP #263: A Simple Guide To Finding The Cause Of Your Technique Errors (Not Just The Symptom)
32:52 EP #275: Mental Hack for Marginal Mental Gains with Dr Jim Taylor
37:05 EP #288: How Olympians Use Underwater Filming And Analysis with Kyle Chalmers
41:35 EP #276: On A Mission To Complete The Oceans Seven in One Year with Andy Donaldson
44:48 EP #293: Swimming Secrets With 4x Olympian Brent Hayden
50:22 EP #298: Maintaining Your Competitive Edge For Life with 5x World Champion Craig Alexander

Direct download: podcast311finalaudio.mp3
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In this episode, professional speaker and author Glenn Capelli shares his expertise on learning better and making better decisions. He focuses specifically on how to improve swimming skills and mindset. Glenn discusses various topics he has studied throughout his life that can be applied to swimming, including getting into flow, maximizing the fun factor in training, using magic words to change approach, and developing small habits that lead to significant results. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and tips for becoming a better swimmer!

01:45 Swimming for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health
04:08 The Essence of Flow: Finding Mental and Metabolic Flexibility
07:14 Finding Flow in Swimming: When Time Becomes a Blur
09:51 Discovering Flow in Other Aspects of Life
12:54 Flow and the Power of Whole Brain, Whole Body Engagement
15:01 What is Autotelic?
20:13The Power of Shifting Language: Instead of 'Have to', Say 'Get to'"
24:09 The Endless Journey of Learning: Upping the Challenge, Upping the Skills
27:50 Finding Beauty and Challenge in Swimming and Life
29:12 How Small Changes Can Lead to Success
31:09 Improvement of Life and Training: More, Less, Get Rid of, Throw In, Instead Of
34:45 Swimming is More Than Just a Sport, It's a Path to Friendship and Social Circles
35:57 Connecting with Glenn!

Direct download: PODCAST310FINALADUIO.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:45pm AEST

Join us in this inspiring episode as we talk to professional triathlete Kat Matthews. Despite a major setback in 2022 when she was hit by a car before the Kona Ironman World Championships, Kat found inspiration and made a triumphant comeback the following year. We discuss her journey of overcoming adversity and her impressive second-place finish at the Ironman World Championships. Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights. Tune in now!

01:59 Swimming Background
05:12 The Battle of Overthinking
08:20 Recognizing the Difference Between a Good and Bad Swim
11:48 How Head Position Can Impact Swimming
14:53 The Connection Between Kick and Body Position
18:16 Choosing the Right Fins: DMC Elite vs. Arena Powerfins
21:06 Ballerina in a Bucket Cue
22:39 Navigating Loss and Grief: Kat's Journey After the Accident
29:27 The Clues Trauma Leaves: Understanding the Psychological and Physical Effects
31:38 The Double-Edged Sword: Putting Emphasis on Race Results
34:43 Setting Achievable Goals and How Breaking Down Objectives Can Boost Motivation
39:12 The Importance of Translating Training Performance to Race Results
41:42 The Trap of Overdoing Training for Numbers
45:34 The Rewards of Following a Structured Training Routine
51:45 Swimming Advice for Beginners

Direct download: podcast309finaladuioo.mp3
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In this episode, we welcome back Dr Jim Taylor, a renowned psychologist specializing in sports and performance. Dr Taylor shares his insights and strategies from his recent experience at the World Championships in Spain. We discuss topics such as adjusting intensity based on race distance, effective focus and mindset for training and racing, and the importance of being brutally honest with oneself for improvement. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Dr Jim Taylor.

03:34 Balancing Athletic and Professional Life
04:50 The Range of Physical Intensity in Swimming and its Impact on Performance
08:27 Finding the Balance Between Relaxation and Intensity
15:13 How to Clear Your Mind for Better Performance and What Happens When You Overthink in Races
18:14 Focusing on Higher Cadence and Intensity in Training
20:17 Progressing through Different Levels of Swimming
22:11 Developing a Mindset Plan for Racing
25:49 Tapping into Physical Fuel with the Mind
27:45 Practicing Mental Imagery for Race Preparation
29:20 Applying a Reality Check to Race Results and Performance Evaluation
31:46 The Value of Testing and Assessing Performance
36:44Having a Coach Analyze Data and Provide Insights
38:23 How to Get in Contact with Dr Jim Taylor

Direct download: PODCAST308FINALAUDIO.mp3
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Join us on today's episode as we interview Flynn Southam, a talented young Australian swimmer who has already achieved remarkable success at the age of 18. He's been in the Commonwealth Games team and won numerous gold medals at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships. We delve into Flynn's unique perspective on technique, exploring the key aspects he focuses on and the mindset he maintains during training and races. Discover the one phrase his coach told him that completely transformed his training approach, turning him into a dedicated and determined athlete. Tune in now!

02:12 Representing Team Australia at a young age
03:13 Australian Team Wins Gold in 4x100m Freestyle Relay at World Champs
07:05 Breakfast with Michael Phelps at the hotel
08:27 Chasing Olympic Dreams: Why Not?
10:22 The Moment Flynn Realized He Could Compete with the Best
11:53 Overcoming Self-Doubt and Making a Comeback
14:46 The Role of Mindset in Achieving Flow State in Competitive Swimming
16:10 Creating Art on Race Day: The Power of Rituals
17:27 Mastering Body Position and Front Catch
22:14 Core and Functional Movement Workouts
24:32 Flynn's Favorite Training Set
27:29 The Power of Anaerobic Conditioning
30:00: The Use of Swim Parachutes for Drag and Resistance Training
34:19 Training with a Great Group of Mates
35:20 Mentoring Young Swimmers: Common Struggles and Advice
41:13 What's Coming Next for Flynn?

Direct download: PODCAST_307FINALAUDIO.mp3
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In this podcast episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Leigh Nugent, one of the world's top technical coaches. With his extensive experience as the National Youth Coach for Swimming Australia and former Head Coach, Lee shares valuable insights on improving freestyle technique. He also discusses the champion mindset and shares stories of swimmers who have overcome injuries and achieved great success. Whether you're a swimmer, coach, or simply interested in the sport, this episode is packed with tips and stories that will engage and motivate you.

02:10 Achieving Success in the Olympics: Lee Nugent's Coaching Journey
08:21 Coaching Beyond Performance and Creating a Welcoming Environment
10:58 The Challenges of Coaching Talented but Uncommitted Swimmers
12:44 The Impact of Swimming on Personal Growth
14:13 Leigh's insight from the 2012 Olympics
16:24 The Best Olympics for Coaches and Athletes: Tokyo 2020
19:24 The Unbreakable Mindset of Elite Swimmers
22:31 Stories of Swimmers Pushing Their Limits
23:34 Key Elements of Great Freestyle Technique
34:32 Maintaining Front Quadrant in Increasing Stroke Rate
39:10 Lessons and Realizations from 10–20 Years of Swimming
42:03 Developing the Next Generation of Athletes

Direct download: podcast306finalaudio.mp3
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Join us on this podcast episode as we sit down with Brian Johns from Form Goggles. Brian discusses the exciting new features of Form Goggles and how they can help swimmers improve their technique. From measuring efficiency to providing real-time feedback on head and breathing position, these goggles are a game-changer for swimmers of all levels. Tune in now!

01:03 Exploring Form Score: A Universal Measure of Swimming Efficiency
09:10 Head Coach Skills: 5 Key Areas to Help Improve Efficiency
09:35 #1 Peak Head Roll
16:59 #2 Head Pitch
18:45 Finding the Sweet Spot: Head and Breathing Position
20:14 The Similarities in Technique Cues for Swimmers of Different Ages and Levels
23:21 #3 Interval Pacing
24:30 #4 Set Pacing
27:45 #5 Breathing Time To Neutral
31:39 Exciting Future Developments for Form Goggles
34:11 Downloading Workouts to Form Goggles for Easy Access

Direct download: podcast305finalaudio.mp3
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Welcome to the podcast with our special guest, RJ Boergers, the author of 'Finish Strong: Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes.' RJ is a certified athletic trainer with a doctorate degree in Movement Science. In this episode, we will discuss the positive impact of strength training on performance and well-being, misconceptions regarding strength training, and the importance of mobility. Tune in now, as this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips for athletes looking to enhance their swimming and triathlon performance.

01:22 Passion for Resistance Training and its Benefits
05:41 Common Mistakes and Misconceptions in Strength Training
9:17 The Importance of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes: Maintaining Form and Improving Performance
20:18 Strength Training Success Stories: Injury Reduction
26:34 Effective Exercises to Strengthen Obliques
28:54 Must-Do Exercises for Swimmers: Targeting Core, Glutes, and Scapular Stabilizers
31:28 Why Mobility Training Is Crucial for Athletes
39:38 Key Takeaways for Effective Strength Training
44:16 Get in Contact with RJ

Direct download: podcast304reuploadfinal.mp3
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In this episode, I will share the story of a pro triathlete who achieved a remarkable breakthrough in his swimming performance, transitioning from a second pack swimmer in triathlons to consistently making it to the front pack. How did he accomplish this feat? By making an important change in his training routine. Tune in now!

00:20 Triathlete Transforms Swim Performance
02:26 Going Hard and Recovering Quickly
06:23  Recognizing Elite Athletes as Normal People
07:49 Importance of Pacing and Specific Training
09:14 Targeting Weaknesses in Training
11:06 New Swim Camps Coming Up!

Direct download: podcast303finalaudio.mp3
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Join us for a podcast episode with Taryn Richardson, where we explore the world of diet and nutrition for athletes. Discover the key principles to fueling your body for optimal performance and recovery. Get ready for eye-opening insights and practical tips that will revolutionize your training approach. Don't miss out on unlocking your full potential as an athlete.

01:18 The Importance of Protein in Exercise and Recovery
05:10 Timing Protein Intake for Optimal Recovery
06:35 Sources of Protein: Exploring Options and Recommendations
09:04 Kangaroo Meat and Red Meat Consumption
14:41 Meal Prep: Saving Time and Eating Well
20:10 Common Mistakes and Misconceptions in Triathlete Nutrition
27:14 Carb Phobia: Understanding the Importance of Carbohydrate Intake for Endurance Athletes
31:07 The Shift in Body Composition and Nutrition for Triathletes
32:42 Triathlon Nutrition and Bike Fuel Masterclass with Taryn

Direct download: podcast302finalaudio.mp3
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Join me on a wild journey where I accidentally became the subject of a search party while swimming with friends in Melbourne. From helicopters to firetrucks, this rescue operation had it all. But it's not just a cold-water mishap; it's a story about finding answers right in front of us. Learn the lessons from this unforgettable experience and how they apply to our everyday struggles.

00:21 Swimming in the Cold Water
02:04 Lost Swimmer in Red Cap
06:39 Miscommunication in the Cold Water
11:40 Improving Back Strength for Better Performance
13:40 EO SwimBETTER
14:30 Swimming Insights: Finding Obvious Solutions

Direct download: podcastfinalaudio301.mp3
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Join us on this podcast episode with Andrew Sheaf, author of "A Constraints-Led Approach to Swim Coaching." Andrew shares valuable insights and strategies for swim coaches and swimmers. His systematic training and skill development approach helps swimmers achieve tangible results by avoiding the pitfall of abandoning techniques too quickly. This podcast is a must-listen for coaches and swimmers looking to enhance their methods and training.

01:24 The inspiration behind the book "A Constraints-Led Approach to Swim Coaching"
04:16 How to Be the Most Effective Coach When You Manage a Big Swim Team
06:39 Techniques for Teaching Swimmers That Are Both Fun and Effective: Contrast Drills and Feedback Exchange
09:02 Simplifying Swim Technique Analysis for Effective Coaching
11:26 . Improving Body Alignment and Kick Effectiveness in Adult Swimmers
14:57 Reversing Swimming Misconceptions
16:39 The Nuances and Challenges of Providing Individualized Swimming Instruction
18:05 Effective Coaching Language and Analogies for Swimmers
22:48 The Power of Questioning in Coaching and Training
28:08 Efficient Skill Development for Swimmers with Limited Time: Making the Most of Short Workouts to Improve Technique
34:48 Common Mistakes and Challenges in Increasing Speed while Maintaining Stroke Rate
39:28 Measuring Progress in Remote Coaching: The Importance of Testing and Consistency
42:01 How to Get a Copy of Andrew's Book and Contact Him

Direct download: podcast300finalaudio.mp3
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Join us today with Tom Barton, fresh from the US with Australia's A team! Tom is the founder of the Q Swim app and works as a physiotherapist at The Health Collab. He's your go-to expert for keeping swimmers and triathletes moving smoothly and injury-free. Today, we're focusing on how triathletes can step up their range of motion and overall movement. Don't miss out!

01:17 Trip to the US for a Swimming Competition
03:44 Standout Performances in Swimming at the US Open
05:14 The Importance of Mobility Testing for Swimmers and Triathletes
8:10 The High Elbow Test and Combined Elevation Test
13:03 Improving Combined Elevation and High Elbow Test: Strengthening Antagonist Muscles
17:06 Strengthening the Back and Nervous System for Optimal Performance
20:23 Incorporating Swimming Exercises into Pre-Swimming Routines
23:08 Tips for Overhead Pressing
27:11 Improving Hip Flexibility and Activation for Triathletes
32:18 Q Swim App and Working with Swimmers in Queensland
35:35 Why How You Swim and How You Move in the Water Are Crucial

Direct download: podcast299finalaudio.mp3
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I'm excited to introduce our guest today, the legendary triathlete Craig Alexander. He's a three-time world Ironman champion and a two-time Ironman 70.3 world champion. Craig shares insights on resilience, perseverance, and the importance of a supportive community. He also talks about how visualization helps in triathlon training and racing, along with a personal mantra that guided him throughout his career. Plus, he provides valuable advice for young triathletes to help them reach their full potential. Tune in now!

01:05 Racing Through the Ages and the Pandemic Pause
03:57 Motivation, Resilience, and the Coach's Journey
08:17 Transitioning from Athlete to Coach: Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Others
11:38 The Guiding Mantras for Triathlon Success
14:31 Surrounding Yourself with Good People
15:20 The Power of Living in the Present Moment and Making Split-Second Decisions in Races
21:21 Visualization and Its Effect on Athletic Performance
25:52 Advice for Young Triathletes: Train with Better Athletes and Seek Help from Great Coaches
33:28 Motivations Beyond the Finish Line: Family, Community, and Coaching
39:12 Growing Old is Not for Sissies
40:04 Get in Touch with Craig!

Direct download: podcast298finalaaudio.mp3
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Get ready for an amazing Andy Donaldson episode! He's done something amazing: finished the Ocean 7 challenge faster than anyone ever has before. In just one year, he completed all seven swims in a total of 63 hours. And the best part? Andy's doing all of this to bring attention to mental health. We'll chat about the tough parts of those swims, how he tackled the tricky currents, and what lessons he took away from the whole experience.

02:24 Navigating Challenges In The Molokai Channel Swim
05:51 The Team's Vital Role in Distance Updates And Support During The Swim
11:02 Mindset Shift: From Competition To Channel Swims
13:19 The Controversy Surrounding The Tsugaru Strait Swim
20:40 Andy's Difficult Swim Through The Tsugaru Strait
27:33 Overcoming Obstacles, The Team Succeeds in Breaking the Ocean 7 World Record
33:11 Promoting The Ocean 7 Sport, Mental Health Awareness, And Message Of Hope And Teamwork
36:50 Moving Over Disappointment And Finding Greater Purpose
40:00 Lessons From The Open Water Swims: Perseverance, Self-Determination, And Lasting Connections
41:58 Life After Reaching The Goal And Embracing New Opportunities
46:00 Media Attention And Impact Of Open Water Swimming
48:23 What's Next For Andy Donaldson?

Direct download: podcast297finalaudio.m.mp3
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Join me in this engaging episode as I chat with Sandra Schenkel, an elite duathlete from Spain who overcame swimming frustrations during the pandemic. We'll dive into her journey of making incredible progress through focused training and coaching. Discover how Sandra regained her swimming skills and achieved her best level ever. We'll also explore the significance of relaxation, breathing exercises, and technique in swimming. Get ready for valuable tips on mobility work, rest intervals, and maintaining a healthy diet.

01:56 Overcoming swim frustrations and developing skills
03:32 The Impact of breathing exercises on stroke improvement
04:18 Breathing exercises can help improve relaxation and body position in the water
08:05 Focusing more on the process than the result
11:49 Improving technique through the catch, breathing, leg posture, and head position
13:19 The importance of mobility and flexibility in swimming and how to improve them
19:07 Advice for those who are frustrated by their swimming
21:45 What's the next goal?
22:58 Interval Rest is Vital for Athletes
30:20 Work on technique, breathing, and the things you can control, and do not always train at maximum intensity

Direct download: podcast296finaladuiomp3.mp3
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Joining me today is Gerard Donnelly from Trivelo Coaching, an Australian champion and podcast host. His podcast is a go-to for triathletes seeking insights from his seasoned journey in the sport. We'll dive into life lessons from triathlon, smart training with technology, race focus, and the balance between short intense sessions and longer technique-focused ones. And, of course, get advice for those training for half or full Ironman events.

01:29 How the sport has changed in the past 30 to 40 years due to various evolutions
05:00 Getting ahead in technology helps coaches train athletes better
12:55 We've plenty of technology to test and train smartly, aiming for peak performance in races
15:44 Athletes should understand their body's feelings along with data for better decisions during races and training.
22:01 What does perceived exertion look like for most athletes?
27:15 Form goggles provide solo training feedback, crucial for refining swimming technique 
29:54 Avoid drifting and losing concentration during races
37:55 Key habits for faster triathlon swim times 
41:57 The fitness component is the key to holding the form
49:20 Shorter intense sessions VS Longer technique-focused ones 
53:10 What advice would you have for someone training for a half or full ironman?
58:10 A focused race plan lead to a positive experience and a more fulfilling life journey

Direct download: finalaudio295.mp3
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Today, we're thrilled to have triathlete Josh Salley sharing exciting updates on his technique and swimming breakthroughs. You can learn from his journey and find out the secret to his success. Get ready for an inspiring conversation!

02:33 Josh's Swansea Half Ironman Experience: Calmer and Faster!
07:21 Open Water vs. Pool Impact On Awareness?
10:32 Build Confidence In Open Water. Fear Fades With Time
12:34 Josh Shares His Progression And Coaching Insights
20:36 Consistency, Feedback, And Patience Led To Progress
21:51 Find What Works Best For You, Avoid Overthinking
24:09 Having Strong Foundation And Better Habits In Swimming
27:27 Believing In Yourself And Taking Your Place In The Race Leads To Better Results
31:56 Advice For Triathletes Struggling To Improve Their Swim
35:23 Focus On Progress, Not Pace. Be Obsessed With Improvement, And Use Feedback To Refine Your Technique.
37:43 Consistent Practice Helps Your Body Learn What Works

Direct download: podcast294finalaudio.mp3
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I'm excited to welcome Brent Hayden, a true legend, back to the podcast after nearly five years since our last conversation in 2018. A lot has changed since then, including his return to swimming and competing in the Tokyo Olympics. We'll also explore how he stays in shape during retirement, his coaching approach, and his thoughts on coaching through Skillest. Tune in now!

02:25 What was the origin or starting point of your comeback for the Tokyo Olympics?
07:27 Did you engage in strength training or any other fitness activities to stay in shape during your retirement?
13:02 Why do you believe the Canadian swimming community was supportive in encouraging your comeback?
14:24 Could you talk me through or discuss the details of the relay event?
21:15 During your retirement, as you coach and run clinics, what are the core aspects you like to pass on to the groups that you're coaching?
33:55 What are your thoughts on coaching through Skillest?
51:22 Did the attention and media spotlight from winning bronze in the 100 free in 2012 impact your intense focus on achieving results in the 2016 Olympics?

Direct download: podcast293finalaudio.m4a
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Today, I'm excited to have Tom Hofnadel as my guest. Tom is a committed triathlete who is focused on improving his swimming in Ironman races. In this episode, we'll explore the benefits of video analysis and receiving feedback, as well as the technique changes he has made in the past few years to enhance his swimming. We'll also discuss how he keeps track of his progress over time. Tune in now!

03:23 Performance over appearance
03:56 Did the video analysis teach you something new?
07:52 What's your swimming background?
09:48 Has your progress been quite gradual, or did you make significant gains and then plateau for a while?
11:47 What technique changes have you made in the past few years?
15:10 Did you learn by observing or naturally gravitate towards certain swimming techniques?
16:45 How often are you recording yourself with the GoPro?
19:56 Is there anything that you use to measure where you're at or measure your progress over time?
24:00 Have you noticed variations in your swimming times and factors like leading the lane or drafting affecting your performance?
26:15 Are you training with a squad or doing solo sessions?
31:36 Based on your experience in triathlon, particularly in swimming, what advice would you give someone new to the sport?
35:32 Brief structure for analyzing your own stroke

Direct download: podcast292finalaudio.m4a
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In this episode, I'll discuss CSS training to enhance your swimming's aerobic capacity, enabling you to maintain faster times over longer distances. We'll explore its definition, and application, and suggest effective sets to boost your aerobic capacity and overall performance. Tune in now!

01:32 Aerobic Capacity And Technique
04:02 What Is CSS Training? 
05:36 How Frequently Should The CSS Test Be Conducted?
07:16 Structured Sets to Enhance Aerobic Performance
13:15 12 CSS Workouts Inside The Effortless Swimming Membership
14:17 Develop Stroke, Technique, And Aerobic Fitness For Incredible Gains.

Direct download: poscat291final_audio.m4a
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In this episode, we delve into the concept of challenges and how they transform over time. Using my own experiences as a surfer and swimmer, I look back on the challenges I've encountered and how they've influenced my journey.  Tune in now!

00:17 Triumph and Mishap in the Waves
02:18  Ups and Downs: Progress and Challenges
03:21 Finding Joy in the Journey of Improvement
04:55 Next episode: Unlocking Aerobic Fitness!

Direct download: 290finaladuio.m4a
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Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with Joe Friel, an exceptional endurance sports coach, renowned for his expertise in triathlon and cycling. Not only is Joe a highly respected coach, but he's also an accomplished author, having written multiple books, including his most popular work, the Triathlete's Training Bible. In this episode, we will discuss swimming techniques, including the PDLC method for improving skills, the 5-2 training methodology, and many more. Tune in now!

03:41 What stands out in people's swimming skills when working with them in person?
06:54 What is a PDLC method? How does it contribute to swimmers becoming faster?
20:18 Open water swimmers don't swim the same way pool swimmers do.
28:08 Going back to the fundamentals
34:08 Could you explain the 5-2 training concept and its origin?
42:15 What mental advice would you give someone transitioning from the 40s and 50s into the 60s and 70s?
52:43 What has recently piqued your curiosity?
56:24 Current projects and where to find your books and learn more about you?

Direct download: podcast289finaludio.m4a
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My guest today is Kyle Chalmers, an Olympic gold medalist and one of the world's top swimmers. I've featured him in some of my YouTube videos, highlighting his excellent freestyle technique. I'm excited to discuss his training and technique in depth. Tune in now!

01:47 After clinching the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, how did you experience changes in both your personal and professional life?
05:25 Do you have any rules for yourself regarding social media, particularly during competition time?
08:49 How has feedback shaped your career and consistently contributed to your improvement?
11:45 Have you applied the knowledge gained from skill acquisition coaches to work with younger kids and pass on those teachings?
15:25 What contributed to your maturity? Did you develop it early due to the level of competition in swimming, where you joined a team without knowing any of the swimmers?
17:42 Coming towards the end of your career, do you feel like that's given you more freedom to choose the path you want to take?
21:35 Can you share any unexpected benefits or silver linings that emerged from the challenges you faced during your recovery from injuries and surgeries?
23:32 Can you provide insights into your training approach?
25:09 Could you share your experience with aerobic training and explain why you enjoy it?
29:00 Do you hold any unconventional beliefs or practices that might seem counterintuitive to others in the swimming community?
34:56 What are the key factors you consider during your training?
38:39 Are you changing your stroke from 50 to a 100 and then from 100 to 200?
41:04 What motivated you to join Skillest?

Direct download: finalpodcastep288.m4a
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My guest today is Seb Wichmann, who attended one of our clinics in 2022. He was averaging around a 2:05 to 2:10 per hundred and said he was happy to survive a 1K swim at the pool and has now got himself down to around a 1:45. Tune in to the episode now! 

01:02 What challenges did you face transitioning from cycling to triathlon and swimming?
02:02 In the beginning, did you teach yourself or did you have a coach to help you?
02:59 What techniques did you learn from the clinic that you can apply to improve your performance going forward?
05:52 How often have you been getting in the water?
07:00 How long did it take you to start seeing results with those changes?
10:27 What motivated you to persevere and not give up?
11:14 Did you initially believe that you could develop a love for swimming, or did you find it to be a less enjoyable activity compared to cycling?
17:33 Did you have moments of success followed by setbacks, or were there variations in performance across different training sessions?
20:15 Do you feel any different when you go to the pool now compared to 12 months ago?
24:13 What advice would you give to someone who was in your shoes 12 months ago?
30:00 How to apply "squeezing the butt cheeks" as a beginner?

Direct download: podcast287finalaudioi.m4a
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My guest today is American swimmer Ryan Murphy, who has achieved incredible success in the Olympics Games, winning multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals. Ryan discusses how his motivation and training have evolved over the past decade, enabling him to stay competitive. We explore his unconventional beliefs, the obstacles he has overcome, including an injury before the Olympic trials, and the rituals that have aided his success in major events.

01:29 Do any of those experiences stand out as your most memorable achievement?
04:20 What do you attribute your sustained success and longevity in swimming to?
06:15 Have you ever had a season where you didn't perform well and struggled to pinpoint why that is?
12:02 How has your motivation evolved in the past decade as you've continued to compete in swimming?
14:19 Can you explain more about the success-focused lifestyle you mentioned earlier, especially regarding areas outside of swimming?
16:48 As you get older and there's up and comers nipping heels, how do you maintain your confidence and mindset when you’re one of the older guys in the field?
19:20 Which up-and-coming swimmer has caught your attention and impressed you the most recently?
21:50 Did you encounter any unexpected surprises in your professional swimming career that were different from what you expected or imagined as a teenager?
24:24 What are the key fundamentals you would focus on while coaching backstroke technique to a 15-year-old swimmer?
27:27 What are the main differences between your swimming technique or style and that of Mitch Larkins?
29:05 Did you get a lot of feedback on your swimming technique as a teenager, or did you develop your stroke naturally?
36:34 Can you share a memorable or transformative experience from your swimming career that has had a lasting impact on you?
42:01 What things beyond swimming motivate and excite you the most at the moment?

For those interested in receiving coaching from Ryan, check out Skillest

Direct download: finalaudiopodcasr286.m4a
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I'm excited to introduce my guest, Ben Geard, from Element Swimming. Ben and I go way back as great friends, and he was one of the coaches during the Maldives Camp last year. At Element Swimming, Ben offers lessons for beginners and helps swimmers progress from beginners to an intermediate level. That's what we will talk about today—strategies and techniques for individuals who are complete beginners or relatively new to swimming, aiming to reach that intermediate level.

01:41 Swimming And Coaching Experience
03:35 Programs For Beginners Are Hard To Find
05:39 Level I: Building Water Confidence
08:49 Different Styles Of Coaching
11:20 Beginner's Swim Camp On September
14:15  Level II: Feel For The Water
16:02 "aha" Moments During The Process
19:56  Biggest Mistakes With Skull 
23:51 Training Sessions Per Week
25:20 Consistency Is Key
27:44 Level III: Putting Together And Achieving The Goal
31:73 Causes of Exhaustion In Swimmers
34:29 Vertical Kick
36:3 Visit The Element Swimming Website
Check out the Maldives Camp here

Direct download: podcast285final..m4a
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Our guest today is Marc Evans, a former National USA Triathlon team coach. In this episode, we will introduce the M25 Lift Paddle. We will discuss the paddle's purpose and why it differs from others in the market. Specifically, we will focus on how it helps improve the catch, which is an essential part of the swimming technique.

00:49  Kickboard Is A Great Tool
04:02 Skinny S
4:42 Pass or Fail Coaching
5:59 Learning Engages Additional Muscle Groups
8:19 Learning New Things Takes Time
11:17 The Invention Of The M25 Lift Paddle
17:55 The Is Purpose Of The Paddle?
20:18 Seeking Help To Launch M25
23:47 Product Design Is Based On The Fundamental Of Movement
28:28 Persistence Is The Key 

Direct download: podcast284finaludio.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 11:45am AEST

 My guest today is Mark Evans, who is returning to the podcast after eight years. He is a former coach for the National USA Triathlon team and is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and extensively researched individuals in this field. In today's episode, we will explore the catch and techniques for continuous improvement. (Listen to the PART 1). Link in bio. 

03:54 Triathlon and Swimming Background
07:32 Triathletes in Motion
08:38 Turning Vision into Reality
12:48 High Elbow Catch Is Essential For Improved Swimming
16:18 Correcting Straight Arm Pull
19:08n Combining Good Technique With Volume And Consistency
20:42 Backstroke Is An Amazing Way To Learn Freestyle
21:14 Vertical Kicking Is An Amazing Tool For Swimmers
24:22 Magic Bullets Are In Fundamentals
27:25  Applying Less Force And Holding Less Water
29:15 Ladder Cue

Direct download: podcast283finall..m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 7:19pm AEST

My guest today is Mr. Sam Ashby, a coach who has trained swimmers to national medals. In this episode, we will talk about the benefits of practicing different swimming strokes. It helps the body move differently and can aid in recovery and developing swimming skills. We will also discuss common mistakes that occur during clinics for butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke.

03:58 Swimming Background
10:00 Refining Your Knowledge
13:18 Visual Learning in Swim Clinics: An Advantage for Kids
15:04 What is The Key to Good Butterfly Stroke?
21:02 Improving Rhythm in Butterfly Stroke
26:26 Common Mistakes in Backstroke: Lifting the Head Too Much
33;53 Common Mistakes in Breaststroke: Maximizing Drag Reduction 
38:19 How Simplicity Leads to Better Results
43:01 Simple Cues/tips for Mastering Breaststroke

Direct download: finalpodcast282..m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 5:33pm AEST

My guest today is Scott Dickens, a two-time Olympian. And now director of Business Development at Form, who is one of our sponsors of the podcast. We will talk about the 8-Week Faster Freestyle course, how you can ensure you're making progress and the improvement you would want to see. Tune in now!

01:02 Technique Change
09:51 Change Doesn't Feel Good
12:18 Long Dog Paddle Drill
16:15 The Kick
21:05 8-Week Course Is now in Form Goggles
22:02 Week: 2 Posture, Head Position, And Kick
25:10 The Base Position In Freestyle
27:12 Using A Kickboard?
30:16 Wearing Fins
32:57 Week 8 - Stroke Rate
35:03 Hold Your Rating
41:24 What's The Biggest Benefit of Using Form
46:10 Small Incremental Change In Pool Can Be Very Impactful
47:18 What Happens When You're Learning A New Skill
48.34 The Optimum Goal Is To Be Able To Relax
49:58 What's Coming Out Next?

Direct download: podcast281final.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:01pm AEST

00:30 The Greatest Analysis Tool
02:32 Why Was The Skillest Created?
06:48 A Marketplace That Allows You To Be Discoverable By Students
12:18 How Do You Film Yourself?
15:02 Student-coach Relationship
16:39 24-hour Access
19:05 There's No Pressure To Perform On The Spot
23:27 The Best Tools In Skillest
24:51 The Visual Is Everything
27:17 Analyzing The Stroke
33:14 Join the Skillest Now!

Direct download: podcast280final.mp3
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In today's episode, I got professional triathlete Joshua Lewis to talk about swimming, training sessions, and most importantly, opening yourself up to opportunities and experiences.

01:10 Swimming background
06:21 You've got to be able to prioritize correctly
10:34 Switching to Pro Triathlon 
15:18 Coaching role
16:40 Putting yourself out there
18:49 Getting into a sport like swimming can be a big decision for people
21:07 Taking the first step is important
22:56 If you're self-conscious, remember people don't care
23:42 Efficiency in the water for the best speed
25:57 Have you found yourself going too hard in the swim?
28:33 Learn how to race
30:20 Training session
32:55 Start small, make it doable
34"42 Consistency is king
37:25 Get in touch with Josh!

Direct download: 279podcastfinal.mp3
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My guest today is Brian Johns who is a three-time Olympian former world record holder in the 400 IM and, the head of coaching science at FORM. In this episode, we will talk about improving your technique using FORM goggles and how important reliability and consistency are to transform your swimming.

00:47 Best achievement: Coming back from injuries
03:52 Focus on the process and getting better every day
07:18 Get yourself in a squad environment
11:55 Understanding how DPS and SR lead to increase speed
17:34 How can you find the sweet spot with stroke rate and stroke length?
22:24 Applying progressive overload principles to Workouts
30:53 Applying race results to training and improvement
33:56 Changes to stroke rate and effort are very incremental
40:58 Has anything been interesting regarding the swim data that the FORM collected?
43:10 Knowing the fundamentals and the basics goes a very long way
44:06 Reliability/consistency are the key
45:25 Be mentally switched on

Direct download: podcast278finalpost.m4a
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In this episode, we talk about magic words and how you can use the power of language to become a faster swimmer.

00:23 Swim Camp
01:41 Identify Yourself As A Swimmer
04:50 Cues
06:41 Replace Can't With Don't
08:10 Replace Should With Could

Direct download: podcast277final.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:16pm AEST

My guest today is Andy Donaldson who recently came back from breaking the Cook Strait World Record. In this episode, we will talk about his experience before and during the swim and his goal to complete the Ocean Seven in a year to raise money and awareness for mental health.

02:40 What's your headspace going into this swim?
04:58 How long into the swim did you realize things are going well?
09:30 Completion Is Key
10:22 The goal is to do the ocean seven within 365 days
14:19  How are you keeping yourself mentally ready for the swim?
17:19 Swimming Background
20:12  What is it about the sport that you think drew you back?
26:10  What's your training?
36:30 What's your routine like?
38:31 What sort of stuff are you doing to keep your shoulders strong?
41:16 How long would your strength and conditioning sessions go for?
41:53 What do you love to do outside of swimming?
43:28 What's surprised you about your quest to do the ocean seven in a year?
44:54 Follow Andy on Social media to follow his journey

Direct download: 276podcastfinaluduio.m4a
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Joining us today is Dr Jim Taylor, who specializes in Sports psychology and is the author of Train Your Mind for Athletic Success. In this episode, we will talk about useful mind hacks that you can implement into your training.

01:51 The Concept Of Marginal Gains
07:47 Words Impact How We Perceive The World
11:16 "I Choose To Push My Limits"
16:07 Unfamiliarity, Unpredictability, And Lack Of Control
19:43 Smiling Is A Powerful Mental Tool
25:45 Fun Is A Powerful Mind Hack
28:39  Flow Not Force
31:46 Take Control Of Your Breathing
35:38 Celebrating The Daily Victories
40:14 Get In Touch with Dr Jim Taylor

Direct download: finalaudio275.m4a
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Welcome to the third and final part of this three-part podcast with Brant Best. We worked together on a product called SwimBETTER by EO, which helps athletes swim faster. Tune in now! 

02:50 More isn't BETTER
05:27 Elbow is too high for too long 
10:43 Extreme high elbow catch
13:17 "Ladder" cue
16:28 More episode with Brant coming soon!

Direct download: final272part3.101.m4a
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Brant Best will be joining us for a three-part podcast. We worked together on a product called SwimBETTER by EO, which helps athletes swim faster. This episode will discuss how it's valuable to be able to quantify data and drills that he loves and hate. 

00:33 Do you have a standard process when looking at the data?
08:38 Force Field
12:14 Should you have more power on one arm if you're just breathing every two?
13:20 I'm not a big fan of breathing three
14:12  I'ts super valuable to be able to quantify data
17:01 Drill that I love and hate!
20:31 Thumb Drag Drill

Direct download: audiopt2272.mp3
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Brant Best will be joining us for a three-part podcast. We worked together on a product called SwimBETTER by EO, which helps athletes swim faster. This episode will discuss what he learned from working with elite athletes. Watch out for the next episodes!!

00:58 Canberra Camp
02:27 How To Swim A Good 100 Freestyle At The Elite Level? 
05:40 Kyle Chalmers Is A Beast
06:12 Tension Needs To Be Optimal Rather Than Maximal
10:59  EO Swim Better
13:01 Soften Up, To Go Quicker.
16:00 Putting Too Much Force On The Water
19:14 What Is It That We Should Be Focusing On?

Direct download: finalpodcast272pt_1.mp3
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What is stopping you from getting any faster? Tune in to this episode now! 

1:52 How You Hold Your Body
3:12 Head Position
3:45 Kick
4:40 Breathing In The Right Position
7:08 Building A House
7:21 Tension
8:41  Not Sighting In The Right Way
10:32 The 5 Core Principles Of Fast Freestyle

Direct download: podcast271finalaudioooo.mp3
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I've got John Hancock to join me again on the podcast. He recently returned from having a successful crossing of the Cook Straight and is here today to share his experience and some of the preparations he did for the swim.

00:57 Where did this goal come from?
04:28 What are the preparation that you did?
09:33 17 hours of swimming in one week
12:46 How many Ks a week were you doing?
12:33 It's a very tidal crossing
17:59 Grateful to have a team of people supporting you
19:51 Covering yourself with grease
21:40 "If the swells on your side then surf across"
26:24 Was there anything that surprised you about the swim?
28:35 All about preparation and execution.
29:10 Surround yourself with people who want you to be successful
29:54 Do you feel like your achievement changed you as a person?
34:14 What's next for John?

Direct download: podcast270forPOSTING.mp3
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Carl joins us again on the podcast. He has a background in Exercise Physiology and Pilates but primarily in Functional Movement. In this episode, we will talk about how Carl has helped many swimmers with their pain and injury and understand the root cause of some of the injuries that they're having.

01:26 What Injuries Do You Usually See Among Swimmers
05:16 Working On The Posture
07:55 Getting Blood Flow To The Injured Part Of Your Body
10:41 "Voltage Is Healing"
12:27 From Hauling To Floating
14:39 Trying Too Hard Puts Tension In The Body
16:17 Swim From Inside Out
18:20 Learn How To Hold Your Body Correctly
18:42 Squatting
20:36 Don't Brace Too Much In The Pool
24:00 Connection Improves The Whole Mobility
26:29 Get In Touch With Carl Read

Direct download: 269audioforposting.m4a
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In today's episode, I will talk about the equipment and pool toys that I recommend to the athletes that I coach. 

00:41 Have A Good Pair Of Fins
03:38 Paddles
05:51 Pull Bouy
06:45 Kickboard
07:20 Snorkel
08:15 Noseclip
08:38 Goggles
10:56 Heart Rate Monitor
11:50 Powermeter/Analysis

Direct download: podcast268forpostingadui.mp3
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My guest today is Tim Reed, an Australian coach, and triathlete, who has had multiple Ironman and IM70.3 wins. I wanted to get Tim's perspective regarding swimming and coaching and discuss the struggles of transitioning from a professional athlete to a full-time coach.

01:15 Biggest Success In Racing
03:30 There Was No Overnight Success
04:51 Connecting With Athletes
06:38 A Powerful Combination
11:02 Pulling Back From Squad
14:13 Having The Evidence/Data
16:50 You Don't Need To Look Pretty
20:14 Stop Swimming Like Ian Thorpe
27:07 Correct One Thing At A Time
28:00 Swim Like No One Is Watching
29:17 Differences In Technique For People Getting Into A Wetsuit
32:02 Open Water Skills
35:13 Surrounded By Other Swimmers
37:27 Transitioning To A Full-time Coach
43:48 Training Sessions
47:55 What's Next?
50:02 Get In Touch With Tim

Direct download: 267podcastfinalposting.mp3
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In today's episode, we have Dr. Jim Taylor, a sports psychologist and author of Train Your Mind for Athletic Success. We will talk about the strategies for dealing with pain and figuring out what your motivations are. Tune in to this episode now.

00:58 Competed In The Super Sprint And Olympic Distance Triathlon
03:03 Strategies For Dealing With Pain
06:02 Exertion Pain And Injury Pain
08:51 Identity Plays A Role In How You Manage Pain
14:32 Discomfort VS Pain And Suffering
17:13 Associating Negative Emotions With Pain
18:51 Pride And Inspiration
21:51 What's Real Suffering?
23:38 Key Phrase: Long And Loose
26:11 Do A Long Warm-up
28:27 Distractions
30:28 Motivation: Less Ra Ra, More Insight
36:36 Constantly Remind Yourself Of What Your Goals Are
37:11 90% Of Success Is Just Showing Up
39:59 Don't Look At The End Of The Workout
41:57 Get In Touch with Dr. Jim Taylor

Direct download: podcast266forpostingaudio.mp3
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I want to have this episode to direct and help people determine what course will help them get better as a swimmer going forwards.

01:13 5-Day Catch Challenge
02:53 The Beginner Freestyle Course
04:25 8-Week Faster Freestyle Cours
8:15 Video Membership
09:08 Monthly Live Call
10:17 Stroke Analysis Membership
13:02 The Swim Camp

Direct download: podcast265for_posting.mp3
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My guest in today's episode is Melissa Hughes from Tasmania. We will talk about her remarkable journey into the world of triathlon.

01:19 I swim like a runner
02:30 Arms are a bit wide
04:17 How many swim sessions a week?
06:08 What is YMCA Drill?
08:43 Building Confidence in the race
11:44 I've got to overtake all the heroes!
13:08 Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis
17:30 Thinking about doing the triathlon
19:19 Do you think you can continue training without doing any long-term damage?
20:29 What are you working towards or focusing on with your swimming?

Direct download: podcasr264auiioforposting.mp3
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In today's episode, we are looking at why you should look for the cause, not look at the symptom.

00:22 Itchy eyes?
02:30 We Need To Find The Cause
03:05 Leigh Nugent-Coming soon?
04:02 First Thing To Look At Is the Body Position
05:44 Head Position
05:53 Making Sure The Kick Is Effective
06:04 Rotation
06:13 Great Way To Analyze The Stroke
08:05 We Don't Often See The Cause

Direct download: podcast263audiofinal.mp3
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I wanted to talk about a different approach to achieving your goals in today's episode. It might be something you haven't heard before, but it can be a helpful way to achieve what you want. Tune in to the episode now!

00:43 Think of your perfect day and write that down
2:56 What does your ideal day look like?
5:39 Atomic Habits: A must read book

Direct download: 262finalaudiuo.mp3
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In today’s episode, we sat down with Brigetta Hamilton to talk about her impressive improvement over the last 6 months. Brigetta attended one of our clinics in May starting at 2:20 pace per 100. She got her time down to 1:48 and now she is at 1:39. Find out what she did to improve!

00:51 Swimming background
01:17 Were you able to swim comfortably without stopping when you started swimming?
03:02 Does your cycling background help with your swimming?
05:10 When you are working on going faster, what do you usually think?
11:15 Developing Intuition
14:34 Your feel for the water looks so much better
15:59 Rocking side to side and recovery
18:35 What's your next goal?
20:35 Try the sight and breathe method
21:23 When you relax, you swim better and quicker

Direct download: finalaudiopodcast.mp3
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My guest today is Taryn Richardson, an advanced sports dietitian, and a triathlon nutrition specialist. In this episode, we will talk about triathlon and swimming nutrition and what you can do to make better choices to get fitter and healthier.

1:08 What are the common mistakes working with age group triathletes/swimmers
3:58 Coming back to the fundamental things
6:12 Eating before swimming
12:11 Why does swimming make you hungry
14:05 Dietary periodization and why it's so important
17:39 How individualized are the nutrition plans that you provide for people?
19:27 How to lean up and still maintain energy for training
23:19 Improving Your Eating Habits
29::55 Recovery nutrition
34:35 Lighter is not necessarily better
37:14 Get in touch with Taryn

Direct download: podcast260forposting.mp3
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In today's episode, we will discuss the best ways to go about improving how you look when you swim.

02:00 The Base Position
03:35 Have The Right Amount Of Rotation
04:48 Keep The Kick Fairly Narrow
05:53 Good Recovery
09:05 Soft Hands
10:20 Good Looking Freestyle Is Never Hurried Or Rushed
11:41 Slow To Fast
12:06 Skinny S Shape
12:31 The Breathing
14:00 The Kick
14:41 Style Is Important
15:36 Visualize Yourself Swimming Like A Pro

Direct download: podcast259forposting.mp3
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In today's episode, I wanted to get Victoria Smith, who recently joined the Maldives Camp, to share her swimming improvements over the 12 months. Tune in now!

01:11 What got you into swimming?
9:23 Have there been any frustrations that you've experienced with your swimming since you began?
10:48 What helped to make your coordination better?
11:47 Do you come from a dancing background?
13:34 What did you change to have yourself feel stronger in the water?
20:14 What is it that you love about swimming?
23:14 Being Aware Of Your Body
25:37 How long did it take you to get that feeling of being able to hold the water?
27: Did the Maldives camp help improve your open-water swimming?
31:10 What advice can you give to someone who just started swimming?

Direct download: podcast258finalaudio.m4a
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So thrilled to have Ironman World Champion Gustav Iden in today's podcast episode. Tune in now as he shares his inspiring journey toward success!

02:02 What’s changed for you after winning Kona?
03:06 What is about the sport you love?
04:17 How did you manage the front-pack swim after not as well in some races leading up to it?
05:28 Did you do any race simulation in training in the open water?
10:15 What's been your journey with swim technique over the years?
12:22 In swimming, it's different strokes for different folks
15:41 What do you most age groupers could do to improve their swim?
17:03 How often are you doing lactate testing in the pool?
17:38 Do you feel you gain fitness from swimming which helps in bike and running?
18:24 How many kilometers do you swim a week?
19:00 At what point in the race did you start hurting?
19:54 What’s the most important advice you got in your career and why?
21:03 Do you take in the same grams of carbs in swim practice as you do the bike and run?
21:32 What’s your stand-alone marathon time?
22:34 What setting do you use on your form goggles?
23:35 What’s the best of tech from Santaratech for a mid-pack AG
24:44 What is your least favorite thing about triathlons?
25:33 Does your stroke rate or kick change between different distance events?
28:16 What's next for Gustav Iden?

Direct download: gustavefinaladuio.mp3
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My guest today is Dan Atkins who is the Queensland National Performance Center Head Coach in Australia and has been working with top-end athletes. We will talk about some of Dan's coaching philosophies and strategies and how they can help everyday swimmers and triathletes.

01:01 Swimming To Triathlon Coaching
03:09 Using Cues, Trigger Words, Or Nursery Rhymes
06:01 Making It Simple And Less Complicated
07:08 Different Levels Of Swimmers
10:14 Setting Up A Triathlon Club
12:23 It Is A Very Challenging Sport!
15:18 Always Thinking One Step Ahead
17:34 Learning Important Skills
2206 Trying Out New Things
26:49 We Need To Go Easier
30:08 We Now Have A Smarter Approach To Training
33:47 Psychological Reciprocity
35:25 What's Next?

Direct download: podcast256forpostingaudio_1.mp3
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My guest today is Josh Salley who is based in Wales and has recently completed his first half Ironman. Josh and I have been working for the last couple of months doing some stroke analysis and technique coaching. Tune in to this episode now!

00:49 Swimming Background
02:46 Improving Quickly
03:45 Focused More On Technique
04:38 Overcoming Open Water Swimming
07:18 Treat It As A Training Session
09:10 Swimming Consistently
09:54 This Made The Biggest Difference To My Stroke
11:45 Overrotation
13:26 Look At The Cause The Symptoms
13:58 Very Narrow Kick
15:57 Start with a 6-beat Kick
16:55 Warm Up The Leg and Get The Kick Going
17:50 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course
19:08 Determination And Hard Work
20:06 This Is An Absolute Game Changer
21:03 What's Your Setup For Recording?
22:44 Video Feedback

Direct download: JOSH_255final.mp3
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My guest today is Frank Huisman. He's a swim coach based in the Netherlands. Tune in to this episode to learn more about becoming a faster and more efficient swimmer.

01:08 Working With Kristian Blummenfelt
01:52 Developed A Wetsuit For Kristian
03:27 What Is Impulse Time?
06:17 Speed Is Determined By Two Major Things
08:49 Get Your Swim Efficient
11:03 Keep Your Drag Low
12:10 Stroke Length
13:08 What Are The Things Impacting Body Position
15:52 The Swimmer's Superman
18:31 Perform The Kick In The Right Way
22:11 3 Reasons Why You Have Kick
26:12 Simplify The Swim Technique
27:00 Swim Stroke Chart
31:32 To Bring Awareness
36:38 What If The Stroke Rate Is Too Low?
39:12 Get In Touch With Frank!
39:27 What's Next?

Direct download: poscastforposting.m4a
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In this episode, I will talk about stroke count and how to use it to your advantage to become a faster swimmer.

01:29 What Is A Stroke Count?
04:18 How Can You Use Your Stroke Count To Become A Faster Swimmer?
06:20 How To Reduce Drag And Increase Propulsion
09:43 Best Average Time Across The Whole Set
11:55 Maintaining The Best Technique And Form
13:45 The Best Athletes In The World Are The Most Consistent Athletes
17:09 New Clinic Schedules!

Direct download: edite253.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 3:56pm AEST

Gerry Rodrigues is coming back as a guest in today’s episode. He is one of the world’s leading open-water swimming coaches and the founder of Tower 26. We will talk about swimming techniques and tips for triathletes. Tune in now!

01:33 Ironman Kona
03:54 The Game Has Changed
05:06 The Four Key Things
07:56 Blend Between Technical Work And Hard Work
09:51 Get Feedback Immediately
12:16 It's A Giant Puzzle!
14:40 Training In The Pool For The Open Water
21:03 Swimming With/Without A Pool Buoy
27:08 Learn How To Filter The Information You Receive
30:07 Kicking
33:47 Treat The Problem, Not The Symptom
36:24 Going Back To The Fundamentals Of The Stroke
38:53 Feel For The Water
43:00 Catch VS Setup?
48:02 I Want People To Get Good Results

Direct download: 251editedforposting.m4a
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In today's episode, I wanted to talk about some of the key things I got from the other coaches and swimmers at the Maldives Camp.

01:13 Rotation
03:04 Front Kick Rotation Drill
04:45 S-Shaped Pull
08:39 Front Scull Drill
09:36 Kick Timing And Connection
12:29 Are You Swimming Enough?
14:02 Long-Term Goals
16:01 The Next Maldives Camp

Direct download: podcast251.m4a
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My guest today is Oke Büll. He's a triathlete located in Germany and recently had some great success in Ironman Copenhagen. We will talk about how he was able to improve his swimming. Tune in to this episode now!

01:00 Getting Started In Triathlon
02:39 Swimming Background
05:15 Ironman Swim Distance
06:43 Breaking Down The Stroke
09:15 Relaxed Swimming
10:15 Changes In Speed
11:37 Quality VS Quantity
13:30 Training Sessions
15:21 Open Water Training
19:40 YMCA Drill
22:51 Maintain Consistency In Training
25:26 Relax And Focus On Your Technique
26:33 Have A Weekly Plan
27:26 Having Patience Is Very Important

Direct download: podcast2500000.m4a
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In today's episode, my guest is Suzanne Nottage. We will talk about the progress in her swimming over the last couple of years. Tune in now!

00:57 Swimming Background
02:10 Joining Ironman
03:28 When Did You Start To Enjoy Swimming?
04:01 Hang Around With The Right People
07:22 5-Day Catch Challenge
10:19 Go Slow Before You Go Quicker
12:44 Two Important Takeaways
14:45 Doing Less VS Doing More
15:40 Timing Of The Kick And The Catch Together
17:33 One-Arm Freestyle Drill
19:02 Big Improvement
21:24 Training Sessions
23:48 Have A Much Better Feel For The Water
25:29 Started the 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course
26:50 Film Yourself

Direct download: 249podcastnoad.mp3
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In today's episode, I wanted to talk about the five common mistakes I've seen from around 6,500 analysis videos I did over the years. Tune in now!

01:34 Breath Timing
02:56 Having The Cue Of Pulling To The Breath
04:30 Over Rotation
05:34 Rocking Side To Side
08:13 Recovery
10:37 Deep Catch
12:40 Head Position
15:43 Slightly Higher Position In The Water

Direct download: podcast248.mp3
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Excited to have Dr. Jim Taylor back to talk about the mental aspect of the race and some excellent practices for approaching races in a healthy way.

02:43 How To Get Mentally Prepared Before The Race
05:03 Three Key Goals To Follow
06:48 Embrace The Suck
10:56 Physical Intensity
13:05 Music Is A Powerful Mental Tool
13:28 Have A Pre-Race Routine To Ensure Total Preparation
15:48 Review Your Race Plan
18:19 Perceived Effort Sets In Training
20:47 Don't Be A Victim In The Race
21:45 You Can't Finish Strong If You Don’t Have The Fitness
24:32 Make Sure To Fuel Well
28:36 User Power Words/Phrases
29:58 Smile And Make Fart Noises
33:49 Post-Race Reflection
37:06 Start With A Positive Attitude
38.33 Get In Touch With Dr. Jim Taylor

Direct download: Mental_Strategies_To_Race_Strong_247.mp3
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In today's podcast episode, I want to talk about a book I recently listened to on Audible, The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter. I wanted to share some learnings from this book that I thought were really good. I hope you enjoy this episode!

00:23 The Comfort Crisis
00:48 Problem Creep
02:44 Remind Ourselves To Be Grateful
03:02 Toughening Theory
03:47 Misogi
06:07 Doing Challenges
07:23 Better Perspective On What's Important
07:54 Creating Your Rites Of Passage
09:06 Being In Nature
10:14 Conversations Are More Meaningful
11:02 The Way To Combat Loneliness
12:19 Ditching Unnecessary Comfort

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Carl Reader is joining us again in today's podcast episode. He is a Functional Movement Coach with a background in Exercise Physiology and Pilates. We will talk about the importance of upper and lower body connections and an exercise that can help you achieve better posture and mobility.

03:56 One Of The Best Ways To Get Your Body Connected
07:26 Case Study 1: Chronic Hip And Hamstring Problems
10:58 Case Study 2: Muscle Imbalance
12:08 Rotational Balance
13:41 Hip Flexor Tightness
17:45 Tight Hip Flexors Can Affect Breathing
18:53 Lack Of Shoulder Mobility
20:39 A Simple Exercise That Can Help You A Lot
21:55 Functional Movement Course
22:33 Get In Touch With Carl!
22:49 Coaching Online

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My guest today is Dave Halantas. He came to our clinic in 2019 and went through our 5-Day Catch Challenge course. We will talk about what he's changed over the last 12 months to see a big improvement in his swim times in the Ironman swim distance.

01:29 Swimming Background
02:58 Shoulder Rotation
04:45 Take Away From The Freestyle Clinic
06:45 The Benefit Of Having A Swim Coach
09:35 Ironman Swim
10:56 Relaxed And Confident In The Water
14:01 Starting In Zone 1
15:13 5-Day Catch Challenge
16:24 Frequency And Consistency
19:00 Having A Better Mindset
19:53 What's Next?

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My guest today is Kate Galliett, who has a degree in Exercise Science and has been a strength and fitness coach for 21 years. In this episode, we will talk about ways to achieve an unbreakable body. Tune in now!

01:13 Got A Degree In Exercise Science
02:47 What Does An Unbreakable Body Mean?
03:20 Adopting The Signal Response Principle
06:36 Explorer's Mindset
07:47 Three Main Tenants To The Explorer's Mindset
12:27 Focus On Things That Are Working
13:01 Six Pillars Of An Unbreakable Body
14:37 Strong Feet
15:48 Hip Mobility
16:35 Strong Glutes
17:38 Strong Torso
18:30 Shoulder Mobility
19:11 Strong Posture
22:50 Digging Deep Into Posture
25:15 Do This To Improve Neck Range Of Motion And Mobility
28:15 Having Issues With Shoulder Pain?
26:38 Internal Rotation And Shoulder Blade
32:45 What Exercises Can You Do For Your Shoulders?
38:47 We Need To Believe In Our Bodies
40:39 Too Old Is A Myth
41:11 Have A Short Daily Routine For Our Signals
42:54 Longer Workout Is Not Better
43:49 Theory Of Zones Of Tissue Tolerance By Scott Dye
46:09 Maintain Your Zone Of Homeostasis
47:53 Keep Up With Kate!

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In today's episode, my guest is Dr. Jim Taylor, who specializes in the psychology of sport and is the author of Train Your Mind for Athletic Success. We will talk about the mental side of sport, swimming, and triathlon. Tune in now!

01:38 Helping Athletes To Be Mentally Prepared
03:18 Is Mental Training Similar To Physical Training?
05:13 Develop A Mental Toolbox
07:00 Be In A Place Where Your Mind Works With You
7:44 Don't Force It!
09:00 Fear Of Open Water Swimming
10:13 Mental imagery Is The Most Powerful Mental Tool
15:54 The Ultimate Goal
18:25 Overcome Conditions And Competitors
20:47 Every Race Is A Learning Experience
21:56 Mental Muscles To Focus On
23:23 Motivation And Confidence
29:02 What Motivates You?
32:00 How You Perceive Yourself
33:34 Healthy Perspective Is Important
37:00 Get Your Mind On Course
39:00 Consistency Of Mind
40:50 Train Your Mind Daily
43:10 Awareness Of What You're Doing With Your Mind

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My guest today is Gary Wheeler from New South Wales. He has gone through our online courses and seen great results! We will talk about his progress over the last couple of months.

00:48 Joining The 8-Week Faster Freestyle Course
01:51 Swimming Background
04:41 Going Through The Course For The Second Time!
06:15 Finding The Rhythm
07:35 Get Faster By Improving Technique
08:35 Swimming Tall And Proud
09:29 Tune In To How You're Feeling
12:58 It's A Challenge!
13:59 Swimming Solo
16:12 Using Tempo Trainer
18:17 Going Straight To The Catch?
21:13 Focus On The Fundamentals

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My guest today is Bronwen Stacey who attended one of our freestyle clinics a few years ago. We will talk about the progress she has made since doing the clinic. Tune in to the episode now!

00:55 Three Sessions A Week
01:54 What Is A Towel Session?
03:30 Bronze Medallion Course
05:23 Noosa Triathlon
07:34 Thoughts On Core Shorts
09:09 Learning Something New Is A Struggle But...
10:42 Key Takeouts From Swim Clinic
14:15 Follow-Up Filming And Analysis
15:08 There's Always Something To Learn And Improve
16:05 Front Quadrant Timing
17:54 Stay Relaxed To Get Faster
19:03 Wearing Form Goggles
20:40 What I Love About Swimming
21:27 Swimming In The Ocean During Covid
22:13 Consistency And Technique
23:51 Have A Good Coach

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In today's podcast episode, we are talking about five ways that you can get into a flow state while you swim.

00:24 Why It's Important
02:06 Eliminate Distractions
02:32 Take Off Your Watch
03:42 Get Into It With A Clear Mind
04:09 Box Breathing
05:00 Meditation
05:17 Journaling
06:57 Listening To Music
08:28 Single-Task Focused
9:16 Using Trigger Words/Cues

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This episode is a repost from a podcast that I recorded on the Get Fast Podcast with Jordy and Gerard Donnelly from TriVelo Coaching. Check out this episode now!

01:02 Who Is Brenton Ford? - Effortless Swimming
02:47 The Most Common Mistake Triathletes Need To Fix
04:30 Why You Should Aim To Be “front quadrant”
05:39 Stop Leading With Your Head
07:05 How To Get The Right Timing in Your Stroke (sweet spot)
08:26 Timing Is Key To Improving Speed
10:01 The “Slow to Fast” Principle For Timing
10:59 It’s Not About Strength
12:34 How To Know If You’re Breathing Too Late
15:42 How To Time Breathing In Open Water With “sighting”
17:37 Should Sighting Be Part Of Your Pool Sessions?
20:23 Brenton’s Best Starting Breathing Drill
23:42 Are Swim Drills As Important As We Keep Saying
25:53 Adequate Time VS Frequency In Doing Drills
28:27 Technique Matters Most
29:41 Understanding The Complexity Of Hydrodynamics And Reducing Drag
31:57 Buoyancy: How To Get Yourself Higher In The Water?
34:40 Getting Your Head Down To Get Your Legs Up
36:00 Should Endurance And Speedwork Be Combined?
39:29 What Are The Optimal Rest Periods For Different Training Sessions?
42:26 Frequency And Total Volume Of Swimming Throughout The Week
46:27 Discussing The Norwegian way Of Training
52:31 Off-Season Approach To Swim Training
54:26 Brenton and Gerard’s Advice For Overcoming Anxiety On Race Day

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