The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Joining us in this podcast is Brad Beer who is an APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Founder of POGO Physio, best-selling author of 'You CAN Run Pain-Free!', podcast host of The Physical Performance Show, and also an experienced runner and triathlete.

1:08 Working with Elite Athletes
2:28 Common Trend in Injuries Among Athletes
5:05 Avoiding Injuries When you are Coming From Off-Season
7:57 Strength Versus Mobility
10:49 The Importance Of Fueling
16:37 Swimming Background
20:45 Why Does Under Fueling Leads To Bone-Stress Injuries
24:50 Swimmers With Shoulder Injuries
30:06 Injury Rehabilitation And Recovery
32:48 Capacity Testing

Amy recently did the Cairns Ironman. She had a pretty big PB. She went from 1:18 down to 1:09. I invited her to the podcast to chat about what she did to make such a big improvement on her swimming speed.

01:05 What Inspired You To Work On Your Swimming
02:26 Take Away From The Effortless Swimming Clinic
03:08 It Takes Patience
04:20 Making Changes Permanent
05:46 Clinic Expectations
07:59 Noticing Changes On The Stroke
08:44 Keeping Those Changes In The Openwater
11:00 Few Things At A Time

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Julie McDonald is one of Australia’s most celebrated Swimmers. She’s competed in 2 Commonwealth Games and 2 Olympics. Julie held the Commonwealth Record for the 800m freestyle for 21 years, the longest standing record for any Australian. Join me as Julie talks about her experience competing in the Olympics.

00:46 Exciting Swimming Events Going On
06:00 Is It All About The Gold?
10:10 Going To My First Olympic
13:08 Getting Your Head Into The Right Space
16:47 Olympic Flashback
19:52 Best Swim
22:17 Second Olympic Performance
27:39 Listen To Your Body
28:51 Using Logbooks
30:50 Hardest Week Of Training
34:43 Transition From Athlete to Working
39:51 Positive Mindset Is A Daily Activity
46:27 Consistency

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Abe Goldberg has recently been through the 5-Day Catch Challenge. He knocked 7 seconds per hundred of his 1000 yeard time trial. I thought it would be great to get him on so that he can share what he changed about his stroke and about his swimming because I think it's going to be relevant to a wider audience and I am sure there's going to be some learning that people can take away from this and will apply it to their own swimming.

2:10 Open Recovery Versus High Elbow Recovery
4:10 Doing It Consistently
5:49 Being Mindful Of Front Quadrant
8:58 Using Bouyancy Shorts
11:46 Swimming Downhill
12:30 It's Okay To Come Up With Your Way Of Doing Things
14:50 Ongoing Commitment
17:07 Using Numbers

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My guest today is Sam Laidlow who is considered one of the best triathletes in France today. He is born in the UK and was raised in French Pyrénées. Join us as Sam talks about his training, beliefs, and goals.

00:46 Working Hard And Working Smart
01:59 Dad As A Coach
03:39 Swimming 3X A Week
05:22 Big Part of Success In Swimming Is How Much You Enjoy It
06:06 There Is No One Way OF Swimming
08:18 Swimming With Stones
09:56 Strength Development
12:41 Go-To Sets
15:03 Should I Learn How To Flip Turn?
16:32 If You Don't Use It, You Will Certainly Lose It
17:47 Spending Too Much Time Running And Biking
19:16 Main Goals
22:38 Best Time
23:42 This Is What I Want To Do
27:29 Contact Sam Laidlow


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In this episode, I am chatting with Phil Rush, who has the fastest double and triple crossing of the English Channel. In this episode, we chat about a number of things including how can you get better at adapting to the cold, the type of training that you need to be doing if you are looking to do a marathon swimming, what are the important factors when you are thinking of the training that you are doing. Is it the distance that you are doing? Is it the speed? Feeding? What are some aspects of the training? If you are into open-water swimming, cold water swimming, or looking to increase the distance that you are doing, then this a podcast for you.

03:21 Successful Crossing Despite The Pandemic
4:13 Everybody's Body Reacts Differently In The Cold
05:27 Strategies If You Find Someone Getting Cold
10:31 No Filter, No BS
15:50 Getting Into The Right Mindset
19:01 Controlling Your Mind
28:35 Cold Water Adaptation
31:52 What Is The Best Way To Train For An Openwater Swim?

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