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Join us in this inspiring episode as we talk to professional triathlete Kat Matthews. Despite a major setback in 2022 when she was hit by a car before the Kona Ironman World Championships, Kat found inspiration and made a triumphant comeback the following year. We discuss her journey of overcoming adversity and her impressive second-place finish at the Ironman World Championships. Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights. Tune in now!

01:59 Swimming Background
05:12 The Battle of Overthinking
08:20 Recognizing the Difference Between a Good and Bad Swim
11:48 How Head Position Can Impact Swimming
14:53 The Connection Between Kick and Body Position
18:16 Choosing the Right Fins: DMC Elite vs. Arena Powerfins
21:06 Ballerina in a Bucket Cue
22:39 Navigating Loss and Grief: Kat's Journey After the Accident
29:27 The Clues Trauma Leaves: Understanding the Psychological and Physical Effects
31:38 The Double-Edged Sword: Putting Emphasis on Race Results
34:43 Setting Achievable Goals and How Breaking Down Objectives Can Boost Motivation
39:12 The Importance of Translating Training Performance to Race Results
41:42 The Trap of Overdoing Training for Numbers
45:34 The Rewards of Following a Structured Training Routine
51:45 Swimming Advice for Beginners

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In this episode, we welcome back Dr Jim Taylor, a renowned psychologist specializing in sports and performance. Dr Taylor shares his insights and strategies from his recent experience at the World Championships in Spain. We discuss topics such as adjusting intensity based on race distance, effective focus and mindset for training and racing, and the importance of being brutally honest with oneself for improvement. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Dr Jim Taylor.

03:34 Balancing Athletic and Professional Life
04:50 The Range of Physical Intensity in Swimming and its Impact on Performance
08:27 Finding the Balance Between Relaxation and Intensity
15:13 How to Clear Your Mind for Better Performance and What Happens When You Overthink in Races
18:14 Focusing on Higher Cadence and Intensity in Training
20:17 Progressing through Different Levels of Swimming
22:11 Developing a Mindset Plan for Racing
25:49 Tapping into Physical Fuel with the Mind
27:45 Practicing Mental Imagery for Race Preparation
29:20 Applying a Reality Check to Race Results and Performance Evaluation
31:46 The Value of Testing and Assessing Performance
36:44Having a Coach Analyze Data and Provide Insights
38:23 How to Get in Contact with Dr Jim Taylor

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Join us on today's episode as we interview Flynn Southam, a talented young Australian swimmer who has already achieved remarkable success at the age of 18. He's been in the Commonwealth Games team and won numerous gold medals at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships. We delve into Flynn's unique perspective on technique, exploring the key aspects he focuses on and the mindset he maintains during training and races. Discover the one phrase his coach told him that completely transformed his training approach, turning him into a dedicated and determined athlete. Tune in now!

02:12 Representing Team Australia at a young age
03:13 Australian Team Wins Gold in 4x100m Freestyle Relay at World Champs
07:05 Breakfast with Michael Phelps at the hotel
08:27 Chasing Olympic Dreams: Why Not?
10:22 The Moment Flynn Realized He Could Compete with the Best
11:53 Overcoming Self-Doubt and Making a Comeback
14:46 The Role of Mindset in Achieving Flow State in Competitive Swimming
16:10 Creating Art on Race Day: The Power of Rituals
17:27 Mastering Body Position and Front Catch
22:14 Core and Functional Movement Workouts
24:32 Flynn's Favorite Training Set
27:29 The Power of Anaerobic Conditioning
30:00: The Use of Swim Parachutes for Drag and Resistance Training
34:19 Training with a Great Group of Mates
35:20 Mentoring Young Swimmers: Common Struggles and Advice
41:13 What's Coming Next for Flynn?

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In this podcast episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Leigh Nugent, one of the world's top technical coaches. With his extensive experience as the National Youth Coach for Swimming Australia and former Head Coach, Lee shares valuable insights on improving freestyle technique. He also discusses the champion mindset and shares stories of swimmers who have overcome injuries and achieved great success. Whether you're a swimmer, coach, or simply interested in the sport, this episode is packed with tips and stories that will engage and motivate you.

02:10 Achieving Success in the Olympics: Lee Nugent's Coaching Journey
08:21 Coaching Beyond Performance and Creating a Welcoming Environment
10:58 The Challenges of Coaching Talented but Uncommitted Swimmers
12:44 The Impact of Swimming on Personal Growth
14:13 Leigh's insight from the 2012 Olympics
16:24 The Best Olympics for Coaches and Athletes: Tokyo 2020
19:24 The Unbreakable Mindset of Elite Swimmers
22:31 Stories of Swimmers Pushing Their Limits
23:34 Key Elements of Great Freestyle Technique
34:32 Maintaining Front Quadrant in Increasing Stroke Rate
39:10 Lessons and Realizations from 10–20 Years of Swimming
42:03 Developing the Next Generation of Athletes

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Join us on this podcast episode as we sit down with Brian Johns from Form Goggles. Brian discusses the exciting new features of Form Goggles and how they can help swimmers improve their technique. From measuring efficiency to providing real-time feedback on head and breathing position, these goggles are a game-changer for swimmers of all levels. Tune in now!

01:03 Exploring Form Score: A Universal Measure of Swimming Efficiency
09:10 Head Coach Skills: 5 Key Areas to Help Improve Efficiency
09:35 #1 Peak Head Roll
16:59 #2 Head Pitch
18:45 Finding the Sweet Spot: Head and Breathing Position
20:14 The Similarities in Technique Cues for Swimmers of Different Ages and Levels
23:21 #3 Interval Pacing
24:30 #4 Set Pacing
27:45 #5 Breathing Time To Neutral
31:39 Exciting Future Developments for Form Goggles
34:11 Downloading Workouts to Form Goggles for Easy Access

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