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James ‘Iron Cowboy’ Lawrence is best known for his world record attempts at completing multiple Ironman events over consecutive days. Firstly, in 2015, he successfully completed 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 US states. Then in 2021, he decided to double this and complete 100 Ironmans in 100 days, going on to do this and one more to finish 101. The documentary on this challenge is coming out in March 2024. James is also a public speaker who was given the gift to 'suffer' and now helps provide hope to others and teach mental toughness through voluntary suffering. This episode is not to be missed.

00:00 Introduction
03:21 The Good, the Bad, and the Funny Moments
10:19 Lessons Learned in 50 Ironmans and Conquer 100
14:20 Pushing Limits and Ignoring Pain
15:52 Building Mental Toughness and Resilience
19:13 Mindfulness: Cultivating Inner Peace Amidst Distractions
21:15 How Disconnecting Can Improve Your Mental Health
23:22 Finding Mental Clarity Through Physical Activity
26:25 The Impact of Community and Shared Experiences
34:43 Embracing Difficulties: The Path to Growth and Wisdom
38:22 The Power of Physical Activity and Discomfort
39:48 The Motivation Behind the 50 and 100 Challenges
44:25 The Importance of Hope and Giving Back
47:07 Living Unapologetically and Without Fear of Judgment
50:16 Prioritizing Family Over Others' Opinions
51:55 What's next for James?

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In today's podcast episode, professional triathlete and coach Mitch Kibby shares his journey from having little swimming background as a child to becoming a front pack swimmer in the pro field. He is the head coach and founder of i4 Coaching and has worked with Effortless Swimming at our clinics and camps. Mitch discusses his strategies for improving swimming performance and offers valuable insights and tips for swimmers and triathletes looking to improve their skills. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
02:39 Swimming Background
07:51 Long Journey to Success
11:01 Lessons Learned from Early Days of Training
16:55 Refining Coaching Cues
17:51 Tips from Elite Triathletes
23:36 Front End Speed Training
27:55 The Power of Training in Challenging Environments
29:22 Shorter Sets, Greater Gains
34:12 Improving Performance through Specific Training
36:15 The Value of Training Partners and Squad Training
39:12 The Hardest and Best Things About Being a Pro Triathlete
42:23 The Benefits of a Flexible Lifestyle
44:00 Transforming Negative Self-Talk into Positive Motivation
49:04 Maintaining Emotional Stability and Setting Realistic Goals
52:06 What's next for Mitch Kibby?

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In today's episode, triathlon coach and author Joe Friel returns to discuss swimming and open water techniques, as well as his latest edition of The Triathlete's Training Bible. Joe addresses common challenges triathletes face when transitioning from pool to open water. He emphasizes the importance of patience in making lasting improvements and offers tips for pool training to enhance open water swimming skills. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Previous Episode Recap
2:56 Updates in the Book
4:42 Different Methods for Establishing Intensity Zones
8:49 The Role of Rest and Recovery in Athletic Performance
12:54 Debunking Swimming Myths: The Death Move That Kills Your Progress
16:05 The First Step to a Strong Catch
17:51 Reaching Over the Water in Open Water Swimming
22:50 How Open Water Swimmers Adapt to Rough Conditions
25:10 Teaching Open Water Swimming: The Three Key Words
26:40 Why Intervals Might Not Be Effective for Triathletes in the Pool
32:27 Importance of Focusing on Technique and Patience
36:18 Hardest Swim Workout Prescribed
40:34 Empowering Triathletes to Stick to Effective Swimming Methods
42:28 Most Memorable Triathlon Race
45:04 Golf as a Hobby and Lessons Learned
48:12 Problem-solving and Coaching Methodology
50:15 Triathletes Training Bible: A Must-Have Resource for Athletes

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Matthew McElroy is a professional triathlete with 9 World Cup podiums and 1 World Triathlon podium. He was selected as an alternate for the Tokyo Olympics. With a background in cross country and track and field, Matthew had to work hard to develop his swim to get it to an elite level to compete with the best on the world stage. In this podcast, we’ll dive into how he radically transformed his swimming stroke over the last 10 years.

00:00 Introduction
01:56 Swimming Background
05:45 Transitioning from Running to Swimming
11:25 Building Upper Body Strength and Progressing in Triathlon
17:32 Working on Speed and Underwater Techniques
23:49 Balancing Distance per Stroke and Cadence
28:04 Training Strategies for Improving Stroke Rate and Speed
32:33 Explaining Stroke Technique and Focus Areas
34:02 The Importance of Consistency in Swim Training
36:54 Why Video Analysis and Having a Coach Are a Must
41:18 The Power of Mindset: How it Impacts Your Performance
42:52 Overcoming Doubt: Harnessing the Power of Positive Thoughts in Racing
46:16 Superhero Posture: Boosting Confidence in Races
47:42 Situational Awareness in Open Water Swimming:
49:32 Handling Frustration in Open Water Races
51:19 Qualifying for the Paris Olympics

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