The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Welcome to the podcast with our special guest, RJ Boergers, the author of 'Finish Strong: Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes.' RJ is a certified athletic trainer with a doctorate degree in Movement Science. In this episode, we will discuss the positive impact of strength training on performance and well-being, misconceptions regarding strength training, and the importance of mobility. Tune in now, as this episode offers valuable insights and practical tips for athletes looking to enhance their swimming and triathlon performance.

01:22 Passion for Resistance Training and its Benefits
05:41 Common Mistakes and Misconceptions in Strength Training
9:17 The Importance of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes: Maintaining Form and Improving Performance
20:18 Strength Training Success Stories: Injury Reduction
26:34 Effective Exercises to Strengthen Obliques
28:54 Must-Do Exercises for Swimmers: Targeting Core, Glutes, and Scapular Stabilizers
31:28 Why Mobility Training Is Crucial for Athletes
39:38 Key Takeaways for Effective Strength Training
44:16 Get in Contact with RJ

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In this episode, I will share the story of a pro triathlete who achieved a remarkable breakthrough in his swimming performance, transitioning from a second pack swimmer in triathlons to consistently making it to the front pack. How did he accomplish this feat? By making an important change in his training routine. Tune in now!

00:20 Triathlete Transforms Swim Performance
02:26 Going Hard and Recovering Quickly
06:23  Recognizing Elite Athletes as Normal People
07:49 Importance of Pacing and Specific Training
09:14 Targeting Weaknesses in Training
11:06 New Swim Camps Coming Up!

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Join us for a podcast episode with Taryn Richardson, where we explore the world of diet and nutrition for athletes. Discover the key principles to fueling your body for optimal performance and recovery. Get ready for eye-opening insights and practical tips that will revolutionize your training approach. Don't miss out on unlocking your full potential as an athlete.

01:18 The Importance of Protein in Exercise and Recovery
05:10 Timing Protein Intake for Optimal Recovery
06:35 Sources of Protein: Exploring Options and Recommendations
09:04 Kangaroo Meat and Red Meat Consumption
14:41 Meal Prep: Saving Time and Eating Well
20:10 Common Mistakes and Misconceptions in Triathlete Nutrition
27:14 Carb Phobia: Understanding the Importance of Carbohydrate Intake for Endurance Athletes
31:07 The Shift in Body Composition and Nutrition for Triathletes
32:42 Triathlon Nutrition and Bike Fuel Masterclass with Taryn

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