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Lisandra de Carvalho has been a friend of mine for almost eight years. She comes from a competitive swimming background and now focuses primarily on open water events. In this episode, we discuss everything to do with long distance open water swimming. Lisandra has raced the 19.7km Rottnest channel swim solo on three occasions and as a duo on one occasion. If you are planning to do an open water race of 10 km or more, this podcast will teach you everything you need.

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Gary Hurring is a former swimmer and a coach from Wellington, New Zealand. Gary won the gold medal at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in the men's 200 meters backstroke and silver medal in the same event at the 1978 World Aquatics Championships. He finished fourth in the 100m and fifth in the 200m at the 1984 Summer Olympics. He was also appointed as New Zealand's swim team coach at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

In this podcast, we discuss the principle of the 'Pit of discomfort' and how to change your technique in swimming. We also talk about the mindset needed to overcome negative thinking.

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This podcast episode is about having a breakthrough swim, whether it’s in a triathlon or an open water swim. Our guest today is Paul Speed a coach a recently turned pro triathlete.

With Paul, he changed his technique and training to make that second pack and come out with the water with the faster group so he can have a better chance of keeping up in the bike and setting himself up for a good race.

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