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In this episode, Carl Reader, an expert in exercise physiology and Pilates, discusses exercises that can improve movement patterns for swimmers. He focuses on the modified squat, which enhances mobility and activates the hip flexors, and the sumo squat, which targets inner thigh muscles and aids in knee stabilization. Carl emphasizes the importance of addressing imbalances and discusses the electrical system of the body. Tune in to learn how to enhance your swimming performance through improved movement patterns.

00:00 Introduction and Background
2:11 Modified Squat
4:53 Using Slant Boards and Rolled Mats for Better Squatting and Hip Flexor Activation
6:29 Sumo Squat
8:15 Understanding the Depth of Squats: Finding Comfort and Avoiding Back Strain
12:55 Common Movement Patterns in Swimmers
16:29 The Importance of Addressing Shoulder Imbalances in Swimming
19:49 Barefoot: Exploring the Connection Between Movement and Grounding
23:03 Muscle Warm-Up and Understanding the Body's Electrical System
24:48 Why patience and dedication are important for building strength and mobility
26:01 Get in touch with Carl!

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Join me today as we sit down with Andrew Sheaff, a highly accomplished coach and author of the book "A Constraints-Led Approach to Swim Coaching." In this episode, Andrew shares his expertise on various aspects of swimming, including breathing techniques and innovative methods for improving catch and pull development. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or simply looking to enhance your swimming skills, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking valuable insights and practical tips from a true expert in the field.

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Improving Breath Awareness and Technique for Swimmers of All Levels
04:45 Mixing Up Breathing Patterns in Swim Training
07:25 Breaking Comfort Zones: Exploring the Benefits of Breathing to the Non-Preferred Side
09:03 A Drill to Improve Breathing on Both Sides
12:15 Common Mistakes in Breathing
18:00 Visual Tricks for Improving Breathing
20:20 Developing a Strong and Effective Catch and Pull
26:39 Knowing When to Push and When to Stop in Training
30:36 Don't Skip the Basics: The Significance of Body Position
34:31 Addressing Low Hips and Legs in Swimmers: Key Factors to Consider
36:44 Learn more about Andrew Shaeff and his work

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Have you ever wondered what makes certain podcast episodes stand out, becoming favorites among listeners? Join us as we explore the most impactful episodes from this year on the Effortless Swimming Podcast. From overcoming mental barriers to training secrets of Olympic athletes, each episode has left a lasting impression on our listeners. Reflecting on these conversations, we'll uncover the wisdom and experiences shared by our guests and the valuable life lessons they offer. Gain insights into what made these episodes popular and discover the secrets that set them apart from the rest!

00:32 EP #267: How To Adapt Your Stroke For Triathlons with 70.3 World Champion Tim Reed
05:55 EP #272: Swim Softer To Go Faster with Brant Best
10:37 EP #279: How Swimming Instills Lifelong Discipline with Pro Triathlete Joshua Lewis
17:14 EP #286: What It Takes To Win Olympic Gold And Break Worlds Records with Ryan Murph
25:19 EP #278: Using Stroke Rate, DPS and Consistency To Transform Your Swimming with Brian Johns
30:19 EP #263: A Simple Guide To Finding The Cause Of Your Technique Errors (Not Just The Symptom)
32:52 EP #275: Mental Hack for Marginal Mental Gains with Dr Jim Taylor
37:05 EP #288: How Olympians Use Underwater Filming And Analysis with Kyle Chalmers
41:35 EP #276: On A Mission To Complete The Oceans Seven in One Year with Andy Donaldson
44:48 EP #293: Swimming Secrets With 4x Olympian Brent Hayden
50:22 EP #298: Maintaining Your Competitive Edge For Life with 5x World Champion Craig Alexander

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In this episode, professional speaker and author Glenn Capelli shares his expertise on learning better and making better decisions. He focuses specifically on how to improve swimming skills and mindset. Glenn discusses various topics he has studied throughout his life that can be applied to swimming, including getting into flow, maximizing the fun factor in training, using magic words to change approach, and developing small habits that lead to significant results. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and tips for becoming a better swimmer!

01:45 Swimming for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health
04:08 The Essence of Flow: Finding Mental and Metabolic Flexibility
07:14 Finding Flow in Swimming: When Time Becomes a Blur
09:51 Discovering Flow in Other Aspects of Life
12:54 Flow and the Power of Whole Brain, Whole Body Engagement
15:01 What is Autotelic?
20:13The Power of Shifting Language: Instead of 'Have to', Say 'Get to'"
24:09 The Endless Journey of Learning: Upping the Challenge, Upping the Skills
27:50 Finding Beauty and Challenge in Swimming and Life
29:12 How Small Changes Can Lead to Success
31:09 Improvement of Life and Training: More, Less, Get Rid of, Throw In, Instead Of
34:45 Swimming is More Than Just a Sport, It's a Path to Friendship and Social Circles
35:57 Connecting with Glenn!

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