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In this episode, Quest Meeks shares his inspiring journey of transforming from a non-swimmer to comfortably swimming over 1000 yards without stopping. He opens up about the mental and physical obstacles he had to overcome along the way.  Join us as we dive into this episode!

01:02 Swimming Background
9:00 Doing Half Ironman
09:30 I Gotta Start With Something
16:52 But Swimming
25:53 Signing Up For The Stroke Analysis
35:53 Kicking Hard
44:18 Climbing Up A Mountain
47:10 It's Not Comfortable But I Am Not Dying

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In this episode, we have Carl Reader, a functional movement coach with a background in exercise physiology and Pilates. We will discuss the connection between hamstring strength, mobility, and how it can improve swimming performance. Carl has extensive experience working with swimmers to improve their movement and strength training. Join us as we delve into his research and practices in today's episode.

00:00 Introduction
00:59 Techniques and Tips from a Functional Movement Coach
01:59 The Role of Hamstrings in Maintaining Speed and Efficiency in Swimming
05:21 Exploring the Relationship Between Hamstrings and Calf Muscles
08:14 Factors Affecting Hamstring Strength
11:20 Strengthening Techniques for Better Posture and Muscle Activation
13:39 Squats: One of the Best Ways to Strengthen the Hamstring
17:43 Signs to Look Out for: Indicators of Hamstring Issues
21:08 Core Engagement in Squats: Finding Balance

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Prescott Balch is an ironman triathlete who started at 2:10/100m, and is now able to consistently swim under 1:30/100m. He recently broke through a plateau in his swim times by focusing on one change to his swim technique. In this podcast we delve into what change Prescott made and some unique approaches he took to fixing these areas of his stroke. 

00:00 Introduction
01:09 Overcoming Plateaus and Finding Speed
05:27  Weak Core, Weak Performance
12:02 Body Awareness Challenges for Adult Onset Swimmers
16:35 How Dead Hangs and Handstands Improve Upper Body Strength
21:14 Executing a Well-Planned Race: Negative Splits and Smooth Pacing
30:45 How a Good Swim Sets the Tone for the Rest of the Race
34:57 What's next for Prescott?
38:27 Exploring the Concept of "Swimming Downhill"

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In today's episode, we will talk about the BEST WAYS to look good when swimming.

02:00 The Base Position
03:35 Have The Right Amount Of Rotation
04:48 Keep The Kick Fairly Narrow
05:53 Good Recovery
09:05 Soft Hands
10:20 Good Looking Freestyle Is Never Hurried Or Rushed
11:41 Slow To Fast
12:06 Skinny S Shape
12:31 The Breathing
14:00 The Kick
14:41 Style Is Important
15:36 Visualize Yourself Swimming Like A Pro

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In this episode, we discuss three ways to generate more propulsion without getting tired, along with a drill that will help you practice each of these methods.

00:16 Generating propulsion
01:31 The Size of the Paddle
03:44 The Power Phase of the Stroke
08:31 Accelerate through the Stroke.
11:01 Keyhole Drill
12:58 Building Power and Speed in Your Stroke

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In this episode, we have a special guest, marathon swimmer Andy Donaldson, who is a three-time world record holder. Andy shares his insights on freestyle technique and how he is able to maintain an impressive pace of 1:12 per 100m for 4 hours. This episode focuses solely on technique, as we delve into Andy's thought process and approach to his stroke. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Background
2:31 Where is your head position?
2:58 How often are you breathing?
4:30 How do you use your kick?
5:23 What does your recovery look like?
8:09 What is the end of your stroke like?
9:07 What is your rotation like?
9:47 How did you develop your catch?
11:13 How much power are you putting into each stroke?
11:54 What do you do to increase your swim speed?
13:11 How do you like to train?
14:20 What pace are you aiming for?
14:49 What stroke rate are you aiming for?

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In March of 2024, Dean Summers set out to break the record for Australia’s longest ever unassisted swim. Leaving from Newcastle’s Nobbys beach and planning to land at Palm Beach, Sydney for a total of 95.6km. Battling blue bottle jellyfish, hallucinations and less than perfect conditions, Dean had a challenge ahead of him. The swim had been unsuccessfully attempted by two other swimmers in the 1980’s and 90’s, including well known Australian swimmer Des Renford whose shark cage sunk off the coast after treacherous conditions. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of an expedition into waters that have never been swam in.

00:00 Introduction
03:52 The Origin of the Newcastle to Sydney Swim
08:44 Building the Dream Team: Finding the Right Support
11:59 The Commitment and Preparation for a Long Swim
14:08 Navigating 07Whirlpools and Tides
16:45 Feeding Strategy : Carbohydrates and Protein
20:11 The Constant Sting: Battling Bluebottles in the Ocean
23:15 Bioluminescence and the Milky Way
29:44 The Final Stretch: Locking in on the Goal and Reaching the Beach
34:35 Post-Swim Reflections: Burnt and Hungry
38:44 Lessons Learned from a Grueling Swim
44:15 The Connection Between Family and the Love of Water
50:30 What's next?

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Dan Eisenhardt, CEO and Founder of FORM Swim, shares his journey of creating the world's first augmented reality swim goggles. Discover how real-time data can enhance your training sessions, the most useful features of the goggles, and the challenges faced during development. If you're looking to forge your own path in your professional life, Dan also provides valuable insights on getting started and three essential considerations for starting a business. Tune in to this episode for all this and more.

02:05 The Light Bulb Moment
04:49 The Evolution of Technology in Swimming Goggles
06:23 Testing the Prototype
07:52 The Complications of Delivering Low Latency Heart Rate Sensing in Water
12:47 The Indispensable Tool for Swimmers
13:56 Taking Areas of Interest and Experience to Create Something Different
16:13 Serendipity and the Right Place, Right Time
20:17 The Importance of Learning from Competitors
24:13 Acting with Conviction: Getting Things Done
29:00 Favourite Features in Form goggles
32:44 The Value of Premium Offerings
38:36 The Three Key Factors in Business Success
43:02 Form Goggles: A Game-Changer for Low-Tech Swimmers

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In today's episode, I'll be sharing some of the mistakes I made in coaching and the valuable lessons I learned along the way. I believe these lessons can help you avoid similar pitfalls and succeed in your coaching journey. Additionally, I'm excited to announce the launch of our new course, the Freestyle Coaching Masterclass. Be sure to tune in!

00:30 Coaching Masterclass
04:02 Be Firm And Not Their Friend
06:52 Setting Minimum Standards
10:37 Energy is Transferred
13:28 Being Memorable
15:53 4 Hours Workweek : Mexican Fisherman and the Banker

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In this episode, we sit down with Jarrod Briffa, an Australian freediving athlete, instructor, and online coach trained in the Oxygen Advantage. Jarrod's expertise lies in the power of breath and how it can enhance performance, reduce stress, and aid in recovery. As the founder of Drifters Freediving, he offers courses and private coaching to help individuals improve their breathing techniques. He has been the Australian Men's Champion at The Pool Freediving National Championships and has represented Australia in pool freediving at international competitions. Join us as we explore the importance of proper breathing in sports and everyday life.

00:00 Introduction
02:37 The Importance of CO2 Tolerance in Breathing
04:57 Understanding CO2 Tolerance and Breathing Patterns
08:12 Assessments and Exercises for CO2 Tolerance
9:52 Diaphragmatic Awareness for Swimmers: Techniques and Benefits
16:57 Building CO2 Tolerance
20:28 Benefits of Nasal Breathing for Swimmers
23:00 The Science of Breath Holding: Understanding Your Body's Responses and Limits
30:15 Breathing Easy in the Water: Effective Exercises and Techniques for Swimmers
38:40 Mental Strategies for Increasing Breath Length
39:43 Race Day Breathing Strategies for Swimmers
42:29 The Relationship Between CO2 Tolerance and Lactic Tolerance
47:37 The Impact of Proper Breathing on Recovery and Performance
51:09 Get In Touch with Jarod for Coaching!

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In this episode, I'll share ten ways to increase your swim speed and become a better swimmer. So, let's dive in and explore these effective strategies.

00:29 Train Another Stroke
01:50 Change The Way That You're Training
03:04 Being Diligent With Your Skills
05:06 To Become Supple
05:53 Joining a Squad Or a Group of Swimmers
09:08 Occasionally, Don't Track Anything
10:40 Keeping Calm Under Pressure
12:58 Commit To A Swim Block
14:03 Pick One Thing And Stick To It For Three Months
15:50 Get Professional Help

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Hollie Buerckner, an osteopath and swimmer, shares tips on preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries in a podcast episode. She suggests specific exercises to address shoulder issues and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between strength and mobility. Tune in to learn more.

00:00 Introduction
02:38 Understanding Shoulder Injuries in Swimmers
03:25 Four Causes of Shoulder Pain in Swimmers
05:13 Relationship Between Shoulder Pain and Range of Motion
09:51 Effective Shoulder Exercises for Swimmers
14:36 Common Mistakes Leading to Shoulder Pain in Swimmers
18:02 YTA Exercise for Scapular Strength
20:06 High Intensity vs. High Volume Training
22;34 Importance of Addressing Shoulder Pain Early
24:32 Balancing Mobility and Strength Training for Busy Athletes
27:42 The Stubbornness of Swimmers in Dealing with Pain
29:44 Motivation to Take Care of the Body
35:11 Get in touch with Hollie!

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In this podcast episode, we hear from Jay Mueller, an emergency doctor who started swimming 16 months ago after injuries led him to take up the sport, as he could no longer run or ride. When Jay first started, he was averaging 2:15-2:30/100m and finding he was exhausted after a few hundred meters. Fast forward to today, where he is consistently swimming between 1:20-1:30 in training, with a personal best of 1:06 in the 100m freestyle. Tune in to learn about his transformation and the lessons he has learned along the way.

00:00 Introduction and Background
4:21 Initial Pace and Improvement
7:21 From Fast Swims to Sustainable Laps
9:38 The Science Behind Shoulder Pain Relief through Static Hangs
15:27 Improving Rotation and Reach
18:22 Strategies for Maintaining Buoyancy and Momentum in the Water
23:15 The Challenges of Learning a New Skill
28:28 Importance of Body Awareness in Swimming Technique
34:09 Drills for Technique Improvement
37:47 Impressive Swimming Progress in a Short Time
38:34 Being Patient and Kind to Yourself

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In today's episode, we dive into a conversation with Frank Sole, the author of 'The Five "B" Method to a Successful Triathlon Swim.' We discuss Frank's evolution as a coach since writing the book, his key lessons for new athletes, and the importance of terminology in training and team dynamics. Frank also shares insights on leveraging breathing techniques for improved performance in the water, drawing from his training with a world-renowned expert. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
02:01 Challenges and Rewards of Coaching Retired Athletes
05:47 Elevating Your Swimming Sessions
09:59 Empowering Athletes Through Coaching: Building Trust and Value
16:04 The Science and Art of Mental Strength in Sports
20:21 Overcoming Setbacks and Staying Committed to Swim Training
22:21 The Power of Developing Good Habits
25:42 Breath Control and Body Position
30:33 Breath Work for Athletes: Building Lung Capacity and Endurance
36:47 Back to Basics: The Fundamental Role of Breathing in Coaching
43:09 Enhancing Swimming Skills through Play and Exploration
46:46 Swimming Without a Watch: Embracing the Feel of the Water
51:12 Embracing the Suck and Enjoying the Journey
55:40 Finding Creative Ways to Convey Instructions to Athletes
57:47 Celebrating Progress: Recognizing Improvements in Swimming
1: 01:11 Lessons Learned from Coaching Older Athletes
1:02:47 Get in touch with Frank Sole!

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Join us in today's episode as we interview one of the best open water swimmers in the world, Sharon van Rouwendaal. We will delve into her recent double win at the world championships, her intense training regimen, and the mental fortitude that drives her success. She will be sharing insights on her transition from pool to open water swimming, managing injuries, and the importance of technique and kick in her training. Uncover Sharon's unwavering commitment to greatness, and her relentless pursuit of improvement. Tune in now!

01:41 The Double Win
05:56 The 110 Kilometer Week
08:23 Building Mental Toughness and Confidence
11:16 Training Environment and Culture
14:10 Understanding Open Water Racing
16:35 Transitioning from Pool to Open Water
18:35 Overcoming Shoulder Injury
22:11 Mastering the 6-beat kick
24:54 Learning from a New Coach
26:04 Coaching Others and Sharing Knowledge
30:46 Effective Communication in Coaching: Simplifying Techniques
32:56 5 Different Levels of Speed and Heart Rate Zones
37:34 Challenging Sets and Progression in Swim Training
41:10 Analyzing Training Sets and Building Confidence
44:05 Managing Training Load and Sleep
49:07 Challenges of Transitioning from Running to Swimming
50:34 Exploring Hobbies Beyond Sports
52:52 What's next for Sharon?

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James ‘Iron Cowboy’ Lawrence is best known for his world record attempts at completing multiple Ironman events over consecutive days. Firstly, in 2015, he successfully completed 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 US states. Then in 2021, he decided to double this and complete 100 Ironmans in 100 days, going on to do this and one more to finish 101. The documentary on this challenge is coming out in March 2024. James is also a public speaker who was given the gift to 'suffer' and now helps provide hope to others and teach mental toughness through voluntary suffering. This episode is not to be missed.

00:00 Introduction
03:21 The Good, the Bad, and the Funny Moments
10:19 Lessons Learned in 50 Ironmans and Conquer 100
14:20 Pushing Limits and Ignoring Pain
15:52 Building Mental Toughness and Resilience
19:13 Mindfulness: Cultivating Inner Peace Amidst Distractions
21:15 How Disconnecting Can Improve Your Mental Health
23:22 Finding Mental Clarity Through Physical Activity
26:25 The Impact of Community and Shared Experiences
34:43 Embracing Difficulties: The Path to Growth and Wisdom
38:22 The Power of Physical Activity and Discomfort
39:48 The Motivation Behind the 50 and 100 Challenges
44:25 The Importance of Hope and Giving Back
47:07 Living Unapologetically and Without Fear of Judgment
50:16 Prioritizing Family Over Others' Opinions
51:55 What's next for James?

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In today's podcast episode, professional triathlete and coach Mitch Kibby shares his journey from having little swimming background as a child to becoming a front pack swimmer in the pro field. He is the head coach and founder of i4 Coaching and has worked with Effortless Swimming at our clinics and camps. Mitch discusses his strategies for improving swimming performance and offers valuable insights and tips for swimmers and triathletes looking to improve their skills. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
02:39 Swimming Background
07:51 Long Journey to Success
11:01 Lessons Learned from Early Days of Training
16:55 Refining Coaching Cues
17:51 Tips from Elite Triathletes
23:36 Front End Speed Training
27:55 The Power of Training in Challenging Environments
29:22 Shorter Sets, Greater Gains
34:12 Improving Performance through Specific Training
36:15 The Value of Training Partners and Squad Training
39:12 The Hardest and Best Things About Being a Pro Triathlete
42:23 The Benefits of a Flexible Lifestyle
44:00 Transforming Negative Self-Talk into Positive Motivation
49:04 Maintaining Emotional Stability and Setting Realistic Goals
52:06 What's next for Mitch Kibby?

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In today's episode, triathlon coach and author Joe Friel returns to discuss swimming and open water techniques, as well as his latest edition of The Triathlete's Training Bible. Joe addresses common challenges triathletes face when transitioning from pool to open water. He emphasizes the importance of patience in making lasting improvements and offers tips for pool training to enhance open water swimming skills. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Previous Episode Recap
2:56 Updates in the Book
4:42 Different Methods for Establishing Intensity Zones
8:49 The Role of Rest and Recovery in Athletic Performance
12:54 Debunking Swimming Myths: The Death Move That Kills Your Progress
16:05 The First Step to a Strong Catch
17:51 Reaching Over the Water in Open Water Swimming
22:50 How Open Water Swimmers Adapt to Rough Conditions
25:10 Teaching Open Water Swimming: The Three Key Words
26:40 Why Intervals Might Not Be Effective for Triathletes in the Pool
32:27 Importance of Focusing on Technique and Patience
36:18 Hardest Swim Workout Prescribed
40:34 Empowering Triathletes to Stick to Effective Swimming Methods
42:28 Most Memorable Triathlon Race
45:04 Golf as a Hobby and Lessons Learned
48:12 Problem-solving and Coaching Methodology
50:15 Triathletes Training Bible: A Must-Have Resource for Athletes

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Matthew McElroy is a professional triathlete with 9 World Cup podiums and 1 World Triathlon podium. He was selected as an alternate for the Tokyo Olympics. With a background in cross country and track and field, Matthew had to work hard to develop his swim to get it to an elite level to compete with the best on the world stage. In this podcast, we’ll dive into how he radically transformed his swimming stroke over the last 10 years.

00:00 Introduction
01:56 Swimming Background
05:45 Transitioning from Running to Swimming
11:25 Building Upper Body Strength and Progressing in Triathlon
17:32 Working on Speed and Underwater Techniques
23:49 Balancing Distance per Stroke and Cadence
28:04 Training Strategies for Improving Stroke Rate and Speed
32:33 Explaining Stroke Technique and Focus Areas
34:02 The Importance of Consistency in Swim Training
36:54 Why Video Analysis and Having a Coach Are a Must
41:18 The Power of Mindset: How it Impacts Your Performance
42:52 Overcoming Doubt: Harnessing the Power of Positive Thoughts in Racing
46:16 Superhero Posture: Boosting Confidence in Races
47:42 Situational Awareness in Open Water Swimming:
49:32 Handling Frustration in Open Water Races
51:19 Qualifying for the Paris Olympics

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We have an extraordinary guest, Gerrard Gosens, who is a three-time Paralympian and has an impressive list of accomplishments. From competing in running to representing Australia in triathlon at the Commonwealth Games, Gerrard has proven himself as an exceptional athlete. But his achievements don't stop there. He has climbed Mount Everest, completed a 2000km run from Cairns to Brisbane multiple times, and even appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

However, what makes Gerrard's story truly remarkable is his current endeavor to become the first blind person to swim across the English Channel. In this episode, Gerrard shares his journey, the training involved, and the importance of teamwork in achieving such a groundbreaking goal. Tune in now!

02:01 Training to be the First Blind Person to Cross the English Channel
05:21 Overcoming Limitations in Different Training Environments
06:57 Swimming Long Distances with Guide Swimmers
08:48 Swimming with a Tether: The Experience and Benefits
12:15 Listening to the Depth of the Water
13:23 Meet the Guides Taking on the UK Swim
14:55 From Running to Swimming: Embracing Solitude in Training
18:44 Focusing on the Journey, Not the Time
19:56 Overcoming the Quandaries of Swim Technique
24:07 Finding the Balance: Training and Time Management
25:36 Using Emotional Carbohydrates
31:52 Jellyfish, Sea Lice, and Stingrays: Unexpected Encounters in the Water
36:52 Lessons Learned Through Sport
39:52 198 Days to Gerrard's English Channel Swim

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In today's episode, we have a fascinating story of transformation. Our guest, pro triathlete Will Draper, started his swimming journey with poor technique and average performance. However, through dedication and hard work, he has completely transformed his swimming abilities. From being unrecognizable in his stroke analysis video in 2019 to becoming a pro triathlete in 2021, Will's progress is truly remarkable. Join us as we dive into Will's journey, exploring the strategies and mindset that fueled his transformation. Discover how Will bridged the gap from a non-swimming background to now swimming strongly, only seconds away from the front pack. Tune in now!

02:04 Introduction and Background
03:46 The Key Moment: Choosing Triathlon Over Cycling
05:52 Training Regime and Approach to Swimming
08:29 Benefits of Training in a Squad vs. Training Alone
10:43 Viewing Swimming as an Infinite Game
12:48 Overcoming Mental Barrier
15:52 Diversifying Workouts: Incorporating Longer Intervals for Speed Work
20:44 Lessons Learned from a Challenging Race
24:35 Transformation from Poor Swimmer to Competitive Triathlete
28:02 Swimming Confidence and Appearance
31:27 Advice for Non-Swimmers in Triathlon
37:25 Triathlon Goals: Aiming for the Front Pack
40:50 Importance of Video Analysis and Making Small Changes
42:47 Follow Will Draper on Instagram

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In today's episode, we catch up with professional triathlete Amelia Watkinson, who has achieved remarkable success in her career. With over 17 wins and numerous podium finishes, Amelia shares her secrets to consistency and staying at the top of her game. We dive into her favorite swim training sessions, and the best advice she's received from her coach, and explore various topics related to training, racing, and the mental aspect of being an athlete. Amelia also opens up about overcoming challenges, managing pressure, and finding perspective in the sport. Whether you're a swimmer or a triathlete, this episode is packed with valuable insights that can elevate your training, regardless of your skill level. So join us as we uncover what it takes to compete at the top level and apply those lessons to your own athletic journey.

00:00 Introduction
01:36 Limited Spots Left! Don't Miss Out on Our 2024 Swim Camps
02:37 Taking Control of Your Time: How Blocking Out Dates Led to Personal Growth
04:10 Taking Regular Training Breaks Can Help Prevent Burnout and Improve Performance
05:55 Swimming Background and Improvement
08:22 The Benefits of Training in a Squad Environment
11:29 Finishing Strong and Overcoming Challenges
15:08 Words of Wisdom from Coaches and Mentors
16:03 Tips for Managing Time Differences and Stress while Traveling for Racing
17:27 Helping Age Groupers and Amateur Triathletes Feel More Comfortable
19:17 Lessons Learned and Evolving as an Athlete
20:43 Prioritizing Training Over Screen Time
24:15 Training Solo vs. Training with Others
24:46 Standout Races and Moments in the Last 10 Years
27:24 Managing Pressure: A Privilege and a Challenge
30:47 Upcoming Races and Goals

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Get ready to dive into the world of triathlon with our guest, Clayton Fettell, a former professional triathlete turned full-time coach. With 15 years of racing experience under his belt, Clayton has a wealth of knowledge to share. Join us as we explore the key lessons he learned at the pro level and how he passes them on to his athletes. Discover the traits and habits that lead to improved speed and technique, and gain insights into Clayton's favorite training sets that he uses to help his athletes excel. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction and Background
01:09 Highlights from Pro Racing Career
07:07 The Impact of Parenthood on Perspective
09:04 Transitioning from Athlete to Coach
13:28 Challenging the Fastest: A 1K Race in Noosa
14:31 Importance of Technical Focus in Swimming
19:07 Recognizing and Addressing Your Own Swimming Weaknesses
22:48 The Impact of Wetsuits on Swimming Performance
25:40 The Need for Technical Emphasis in Triathlon Swimming
30:14 Why is Video Analysis Important For Swim Improvement?
36:21 Tips for Swimming in Choppy Conditions
42:58 Setting Paces and Gauging Effort
48:18 The Calming Effect of Disconnecting: How Technology-Free Swimming Can Improve Results
54:31 The Unconventional Technique of Olympic Champion Runners
58:51 Get in touch with Clayton!

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Ready to level up your swimming game this year? In this episode, we're letting loose a treasure trove of ideas that will make your swimming better than ever before. Whether you've been swimming for a long time or are just starting out. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Infinite Games in Swimming: Finding Joy in the Process
03:09 The Concept of Play: Incorporating Fun into Swimming
05:06 Investing in Experiences: Rethinking Financial Planning for a Fulfilling Life
10:35 How to Be Honest About Your Strengths and Weaknesses in Training
12:09 The Power of Habits: Transforming Your Life as an Athlete
14:09 Training Solo? Effortless Swimming Membership Has You Covered
16:13 More Exclusive Interviews with Pro Triathletes: Insights and Inspiration

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