The Effortless Swimming Podcast

Join us and let's welcome back Lisandra de Carvalho as we talk about how to train for 10km+ swims. Lisandra has been swimming the Rottnest channel on numerous occasions. She has been my training partner these past few months in preparing for the Rottnest Swim this month. Listen as we talk about the things that are essential in preparing for 10km+ swims.

02:59 Change of Perspective in Training
04:11 Voluntary Graduated Exposure
6:06 The Importance of having a Training Partner
16:23 The Benefits of Massage every after session
21:30 Smaller Races before the Big one
23:01 The Best Race and the Worst Race at the same time
24:47 The Up and Down Week
27:17 The Negative Head Space
30:59 Feeding While Swimming
34:17 Test Sets
43:55 Support Team
50:20 Don't Forget to Have Fun

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