The Effortless Swimming Podcast

My guest today is Peter Bloor from Vietnam. I invited him on the podcast to talk about the impressive results he has observed after day two of the '5 Day Catch Challenge'. He shared about what he had changed and did to make such an improvement.

1:00 Swimming Background
3:35 Did the '5 Day Catch Challenge' Each Day Twice
4:45 Less Tired And Feeling Better
5:45 The Importance Of Slow To Fast
8:19 One Focus A Day Is The Way To Go
10:05 Watching Swim Videos On Youtube
12:11 Training Sessions
13:53 8th Week Program

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My guest today is Jeff Grace from Swimming Specific Yoga. Jeff has been in the podcast before. Now he is coming back to talk more about body awareness, mobility. preparation and many more.

02:26 Moving Better With Yoga
04:55 Body Awareness in Overhead Movements
06:55 Thoracic Mobility
08:18 Increasing Thoracic Spine Mobility
12:36 Rock Not Roll
13:21 Cross-Body Connections
15:05 How You Perform Drills Is More Important Than How Many Drill You Do
17:04 Activation and Relaxation
18:44 Effortless Effort
23:10 The Breath
26:02 Preparation

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My guest today is Bevan Mckinnon. He is a coach at Fitter Coaching and he hosts a podcast called Fitter Radio. Bevan coaches multiple pro triathletes who have won several Ironman and 70.3 Distance Events. He has also won the Age Group World Championships in Kona and other long course events. In this episode, we are talking about some of the lessons that he has learned over the last several years of coaching and how they might apply to triathletes and swimmers who are looking to get better at swimming.

8:41 Environment And Coaching
9:57 Being An Objective Coach
11:27 Coaching Pros and Age Groupers. Is There A Difference?
12:47 Art of Coaching And The Science of Coaching
14:56 Teaching Teachers How To Teach
18:21 Giving The Athletes The Power To Decide
27:52 Swim Chute
33:40 Increasing Stroke Rate
Finding The Right Resource

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In todays episode, I want to go over an article that I was sent recently by Bevan Mckinnon who host the podcast Fitter Radio. I thought it is going to be worhtwhile going over this article that he sent because when I first read the title and when I read the first couple of paragraphs, it kind of got my hackels up a little bit, thinking that this is not right but as I continue to read through it, I found myself agreeing to most of this.

1:50 This Isn't Right
2:49 Drills Change Certain Aspect Of The Stroke
3:14 Knowing The Purpose Of The Drill
4:17 Making It As Simple As Possible
5:32 YMCA Drill Progression
10:36 Make Sure You're Doing The Drills Correctly

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Joining us in this episode is Kris Martenstyn from Singapore, who had some great results from the 5 Day Catch Challenge that we recently run. He will talk about the improvements he has seen and what he may have changed about his stroke to get these results.1:02 Swimming Background
2:56 Bringing In The 5 Day Catch Challenge Into My Workouts
4:19 The Entry
9:09 It Was Good To Come Back To Basics
12:00  Good Technique And Relaxation In The Water
15:33 Stick To The Routine
16:39 Swimming Makes You a Better Runner
17:58 Going Forwards
19:39 Achievement UnlockedPUT the 5-day catch link

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